And Yet... He Loves You More

On Sunday night I took the kids to a move, while there we saw the preview for Disney's new documentary on the earth. I sat and watched the preview in awe-not in awe of Disney, but in awe of God.

We go through life so selfish don't we? Thinking of our own daily schedules of who, what, where, when... but how often do we stop and look at the big picture? The picture that goes beyond our own small circle in all that God has given to us?

I am humbled by His love. If you do anything today, do this... stop. Stand still. Open your heart to what He has Created.

Give Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That trailer does make me stop and think of all the good that God created...that we need
to ponder, care for and be grateful for. God grant us the wisdom to not mess it up!
What a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2009.
Aunt Barbara

Cathy said...

I saw the trailer too.

Yesterday after a long, hard day, I went next door to get two of our kids from the neighbor's swingset. I was grumpy. As I walked through the neighbors yard on the way home, my head hung down. I noticed their lawn was littered with flowers from their flowering pear tree. It was as if God were saying, 'I love you this much, I have strewn these flowers in your path...'
Give thanks, indeed I do...

Layna said...

AMEN Sister!

Floyd R. Turbo said...


You need to rent the BBC series this is taken from. It is indeed spectacular -- I can't wait to see this condensed version on the screen. Hopefully the Sigur Ros music stays.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your humor, I like the tales you tell and I really love it when you go deep every now and then.

God bless you June Cleaver!

Anonymous said...

Yes Ma'am. I marvel every day & night @ what God has created for us to enjoy. ....red sunsets from the dust in the air over the Hindu Kush mountains, the snow covered mountain ranges & the lush green valleys in Afghanistan, the smile on a childs face tasting chocolate for the 1st time, the dark blue sky & 50k feet while u marvel @ the curve of the earth, the northern lights, the birth of my children,....I'm also amazed @ the evil that God allows in the world [won't give xamples of those]. I've asked for answers from him some days, usually with a few 4 letter words thrown in....maybe you shouldn't sit next to me anytime soon. Guess it's a matter of balance, he shows us the bad sides of life so we can appreciate more the good things when we xperience them.

june cleaver said...

I will rent it Floyd-thanks!

Buzzy-you sound like me... talking to God with clenched fist. Ah-He knows us, and yet somehow, he still loves us.

TRO said...

Funny, all I thought of was burning Al Gore at the stake.

Anonymous said...

Kit here (Can't work any of the other ID thingies)

Did the theatre you were at give out a collective "aww"? I heard the same thing every time?

Also, here is another video that celebrates the Splendor of Earth.

momto5minnies said...

I was quite moved by that preview today (at the movies).

So many people (including myself at times) take for granted ALL THE BEAUTY and WONDERS of the world. It really makes me feel blessed to have my faith.

june cleaver said...

Who the hell is Al Gore?

Elaine-me too!

Mrs. Miles said...

My gracious - we just watched a whole SERIES of movies called PLANET EARTH - you might google that - and there's like 9 dvd's in the series. We got ours from our pubilc library - it has this footage from this trailer plus a TON more, amazing and totally worth the watch. You might like to check that! We were GLUED to it, my husband used a projector and put it full on the wall! Also included in the dvds was additional info from the people who created them - very very fascinating.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Gives you goosebumps, doesn't it!?! Very cool and can't wait to see it!

southernjoy said...

That trailer gave me chill bumps. My son saw the trailer the other day and said he wanted to see this... but this was the first time I saw it. Thanks for sharing it!