Marco? Polo... MARCO? MARCO?

Okay, so... I have not posted since like HALLOWEEN!

I am sorry.

I have been busy.

You see, I gots me a yob. Yep, a yob.

But it is a GREAT job! It is one of those jobs that people say "They actually PAY people to do that?"

Yes... whatever your little imagination is thinking... they pay people to do that.

Oh-will you stop thinking those naughty thoughts!

So the Six-Pack has suffered... but I am here to tell you that I have a solutions to my lack of posting.

Follow me on Twitter! Yeah! It is a lot like the Six-Pack but only quicker-faster-stronger-shorter. (That's what he said... heh.)

ALSO.... I am on facebook, BUT-my facebook is my own personal private facebook so you gotta shoot me an email and let me know your facebook and I will request you. (six-pack@live.com)

Don't worry about me rejecting you... I prolly wont unless you are an arch nemesis like her or if you are a serial killer.

Hope to hear from you soon! I miss the Six-Packers!