All The Way To Nickel... and Back

Okay, I must go to bed but I had to let you all know that we pushed ourselves forward and guess what?

I was within 4 feet of Chad Kroeger the ENTIRE CONCERT!

That is right... he even sweat on me. I swear.

The night was awesome-the concert was amazing-

I almost got in 2 separate fights... but I'll explain those later.

I will upload the pics from my camera when I can hear again and when my voice comes back.

Two words... IT F****** ROCKED!


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Thats awesome! I was close to George Strait at his concert a few years ago.
Are your ears still ringing?

That Girl said...

I love nickelback! Glad you had a good time!!

wankette said...

I hope that, whatever he sweat on, you're never washing.

Imyselfpersonally still have the ragged old anorak I was wearing the night, years and years ago, when Joe Montana ogled me in an arcade. I may be buried in it.

Alicia said...

Still jealous. Do you think you could ship me some of Chad's sweat? That wouldn't be too strange would it?