"Sex on television can't hurt you... unless you fall off."

I am not a big television watcher. I am not sure why... I used to love to watch TV, but then I had a big strong husband to sit next to on the couch and make him crazy with all of my comments and questions about what we were watching. It is not fun to watch anything now-especially since my children have inherited my keen sense of humor and drive me up the wall with their comments and questions about what we are watching.

If I do watch anything, I do it late at night on my laptop at hulu.com, and actually... the mere fact that the television in the family room blew up yesterday and no one has even noticed it's departure proves the point that my children would rather follow me around the house making me want to stick my head in the oven than watch some boring old television program.

Besides, I find Christopher Walken's twitter page much more entertaining than most shows on television today.

But... I am devoted to a few programs. The first being The Office... how can anyone NOT be devoted to this? The second is Life-I love Charlie Crews and I love cop shows. I blame NYPD Blue for this... or maybe Hill Street Blues? Miami Vice? My mother would have to blame The Rockford Files.

I have a new show that I started watching just the other day. It has everything a wife of a deployed husband would want... firemen, firemen, and uhm... firemen. It is Rescue Me. I am on the first season still and working my way through each night after the kids are in bed. If you have not seen it-check it out... just know that there are firemen and sex involved. Have fun. Oh, and don't watch this little video if you are mad at your husband-actually, maybe you should... eh-maybe you shouldn't. I'll leave it up to you-but remember... it is Lent.

My last program that I am devoted to has been on hiatus for an eternity-so long so that I even cancelled Showtime and told you-my wonderful Six-Packers-to alert me when this show was coming back on so that I could call the cable company and get Showtime again.

Well... today I received an email from my true-blue friend Beth from Virginia. Long ago I insisted that Beth watch The Tudors... and she did-oh boy did she. Now she is just as devoted to this program as I am. She also loves Edward Cullen, Nickelback, beer, and her husband drives a hog. How could she NOT be my friend?

So any of you out there who have been waiting forEVER to see Season 3 of The Tudors, you will be happy to know that the season premier is Sunday April 5. If you have never watched this series... well, you have a little over a week to catch yourself up. Good luck.

Now... if anyone has Herman Woulks War and Remembrance (after Winds of War) not Winds of War, The Ward would be eternally grateful if you sent it out to him. I would really appreciate it if I could find him this to watch out there so that when he comes home I do not have to sit on the couch and watch it with him.

Believe me... I have watched enough of his favorite shows like The Waltons and The Andy Griffith Show to know that I don't think I want to watch this one that he is requesting.

Oh-I am sure it is wonderful and I would love it... but I can tell you right now that I would have too many questions-requesting back stories and the history or every last detail so much so that this miniseries would not be conducive to our marriage.

Trust me.

So if you can hook The Ward up-I'd appreciate it! Now if you'll excuse me... I have to go be Rescued.


Domestic Accident said...

I never thought Dennis Leary was good looking until we started watching Rescue Me, then, well then, my attitude changed. Drool.

reluctantoptimist said...

Obviously you are not making sure your man is reading the correct books.


I suggest you read that post and then educate him on what a woman really wants.

Or you can just swing by my place and cook me a steak. Medium-rare by the way.

Oh, and I prefer purple lingerie.


momto5minnies said...

Denis Leary sure does have the sexy, bad boy thing going, huh!

Jud said...

You can't have too much Andy Griffith or Waltons. Just so ya know.

The Wannabe Redhead said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Rescue ME.... you'd better get caught up on the previous seasons...the new one starts April 7th!!

I think Dennis Leary is Hil-ar-i-ous, and the other "boys" are very, very easy on the eyes... what more could you ask for??

Maria Grace said...

I am DYING laughing (at work) after watching the Rescue Me clip! That last line was perfection.
Thanks again June!

june cleaver said...

Maria Grace... my job here is done. Glad you laughed-I laugh every time I look at it-in a sort of-"hey... that is kinda hot." way.


june cleaver said...

... I am with all of you six-packers. I never thought Denis Leary was anything to look at until I started watching this show.

What is it about arrogant men that make us think they are sexy?

My husband was arrogant and egotistical from the moment I met him-my defenses were useless and I was drawn to him like a moth to the flame.


Anonymous said...

Great post and enjoyed the clips.
What about "My Boys", does anyone watch and like that one? It returns to TV sometime soon.
Oh, and The Locator, where the guy helps people find family members, long lost friends etc. Very interesting show.
Aunt Barbara

Layna said...

agree Denis Leary never held my attention. That has now changed. The only thing to win me over completely is if you tell me that after the lovin' on the table, did he wash the dishes???

june cleaver said...

I don't know Layna... it is Lent so I stopped watching right before the lovin' on the table.


warren said...

I'd hate to see you stick your head in the oven June...it would screw up your fantastic do! You are a great blonde...not so good as a charred-brown I think!

Maria Grace said...

Aunt Barbara, I love My Boys! I'm so excited for its return (next Tuesday night).

Anonymous said...

Maria Grace,
Thanks, I'll set my DVR.
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Maria Grace,
Thanks, I'll set my DVR.
Aunt Barbara

june cleaver said...

Aunt Barb-I started watching that show when it first came out and really liked it-but when Carl left I stopped. I'll have to check it out on hulu.com--when I am finished with Rescue Me!

much love,

Anonymous said...

I like that it is set in Chicago.
Feels cool...and the writing is really good.
Aunt Barbara
ps We went to see Duplicity with Julia and Clive. Oops, I fell asleep and Uncle Don woke me up wanting me to explain something...I guess I just wasn't into it.

Mimi said...

I am on the Denis Leary totally does it for me bandwagon. Rawr, love me some Irish-bad boy.

I think I'd better make a run to the video store before hubs gets home....

Kristina said...

Okay, first, let me say that my d*** a** forgot to turn off the music the first time I watched that Rescue Me video. It wasn't until after the video was over that I realized the music wasn't part of the video. duh! It was much better with the words. LOL Thanks. I've now got a new show on Netflix. Hope it comes soon. Need to watch it before hubby gets home. After that, it won't be needed. ;)