Since When Did Underwear Become an "Optional" Thing?

One night while on vacation, we went to Captain Stanley's Seafood Restaurant. The place was packed so we were sure that the seafood was guuud.

We sat down and the waitress brought over a basket full of hush puppies-my favorite! We all ordered and proceeded to happily stuff ourselves with fried food.

When we were just about finished with dinner, I look up to notice the cook was coming out of the kitchen. He sees a friend of his, waves, and starts to walk toward said friend. This friend's table was right next to our table and so when the cook was talking to his friend, he was standing directly in front of me.

I looked down at his orange shorts (don't ask me why I looked there-maybe because I was sitting and he was standing and that is where my eyes settled... right above my friend Lori's shoulder at the man's package.) Well... it was OBVIOUS that this guy was wearing no freakin' underwear! How was it obvious you ask? Let's just say that his shorts were thin and he was circumcised-that obvious!

I did what any woman would do in my situation and I started laughing... and then pointed out the fact that Lori only had a very thin orange material standing between her shoulder and a grown mans wanker.

To make matters worse, he was an animated fellow. He was swaying and bouncing all over the place while he was telling his friend about the fish that he had caught that was "This Big!"

It all proved to be too much for Lori and I and we decided to stop eating. Nothing ruins an appetite worse than seeing the man who cooked your food's member up close and personal. It must have been really hot in that there kitchen-either that or Captain Stanley is a pervert.


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Lori said...

I was just thinking...
those hush puppies were shaped more like 'sausages' than 'balls'!

That guy was just plain 'nasty'! Maybe we should have given him one of Mike's silky black jock straps!

diana said...

Oh how funny!