After This... I'll NEED A Vacation

We are heading to a beach house on vacation early Saturday morning. Today I started making a list of things I need to get done in order to leave here with peace o mind. This is is:

  1. Laundry-and not just the dirty underwear, no I need to do ALL of the laundry in the house.
  2. Find a kennel for the dog and drive dog to said kennel all while she is clawing at me and crying because she somehow knows the difference between taking a drive to Dairy Queen and taking a drive to a kennel where they will obviously torture her for an entire week.
  3. Find a willing kid to come in and feed the guinea pig (and don't forget to give kid combination to the garage like last time and the guinea pig goes on a forced hunger strike.)
  4. Remember to pack all things needed for baby such as monitors, vibrating chair, portable crib, extra set of sheets in case she spits up on first packed set, a million diapers, wipes, baby soap, baby lotion, baby blankets... and Benedryll.
  5. Remember to pack all things needed for 4 year old such as tons of pairs of underpants, Dora the Horra doll, favorite blanket, favorite pillow, favorite pencil that goes with her favorite pad of paper, favorite cup, favorite fork and favorite plate (don't judge me... I want a whine free vacation)
  6. Pay all bills and mail them.
  7. Balance checkbook so that I feel confident that we can actually afford this vacation.
  8. Remind older kids to pack, which means they will pack their gameboys and I will end up packing their clothes. My son always forgets to pack boxers.
  9. Nair my under regions since I will be sporting a bathing suit on the beach and I do not want people to mistake me for an extra in the next "Caveman" series coming this fall on NBC.
  10. Pack ovulation predictor strips. We are on vacation and my husband may just be allowed to visit the land of Bwowo chicka wow wow... but not if I am ovulating. Sorry Buddy.
  11. Drink 2 gallons of milk and make a dinner of lettuce and turkey lunch meat as that is all that is left in the house and I am not going shopping before we leave.
  12. Pack 4 books that I would like to read, but remind myself that I will probably not open one of them because I am taking my children with me on this vacation.
  13. Write grocery list for when we get to the beach house... it should go something like this: beer, beer, wine, beer and uhm, wine. Maybe pretzels.
  14. Make sure we have the video camera, the regular camera, the digital camera, my cell phone, my husband's cell phone, his work cell phone, his blackberry, gameboys, dvd for the van and anything else we need to get away for a week of beach livin'.
  15. Listen to my Jimmy Buffet cd one more time to ensure that I have all the words right.
  16. And lastly... pack sunscreen.

My husband's list looks like this:

  1. Fill the van up with gas on the way out of town.


Anonymous said...

Gees, that brings back great memories of our vacations to Michigan every year for two weeks in August. My list wasn't nearly as long as yours, but I didn't really make a list until the year I forgot to pack Uncle Don's long underwear. He ended up wearing my pj bottoms under his levis. The following year I made a new rule. I had all the clothes clean - he packed his own bag and filled up the car with gas. He always was in charge of the fishing gear. I would have never thought it would take a boat full of gear to catch a few fish. Oh, and take every swimsuit the kids own. Summer vacations at the lake or at the shore make for great memories. Have fun!
Aunt Barbara

Shauna said...

Thank you for this post! Our lists look like that all the time!

I hope you enjoy your vacation!

moosh in indy. said...

Same lists except my husbands includes "Get a Coke and Reeses Pieces from Gas station.)

Lady Tramaine said...

Dora the Horra..that is a hoot! Have a great time!

Toni said...

Looks pretty much the same as our house! Except this year I have the added bonus of his list also! We should make them do all the work- but they would probably grab swimsuits and beer and say "let's roll!"

Momto5Minnies said...

I hear you and will be doing pretty much the same exact thing in about 2.5 weeks. My husband will now pack his own clothes, but I still have to do the final inspection. One year he forgot shorts when we went to FL. Silly men.

Dana said...

Yes, don't forget the benadryll!

Have a great vacation!

diana said...

Have a great time...too bad I can't tag along...I need a vacation and that list of beer, beer, wine, beer, wine (plus chocolate to have with the beer) sounds very tempting...

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

We wimmins always have the long list. Sheesh.