Random Thoughts...

I just got off the phone with my Dad... he had a colonoscopy yesterday. They removed a "polyp" and he says he is feeling great. The Doc had him put under for the procedure. They wheeled him in the room awake and explained that they were going to give him something that would take affect rather quickly.

The Anaesthesiologist told him to take three deep breaths and that is all my Dad remembers. He was a little disappointed because he said he had thought up some great jokes to tell the Doc before he started the colonoscopy. One was: "Gee, you've done this twice to me now and I don't even know your first name." Another was: "You would think you could have called after my last visit with you" Old people are so stinkin' funny.

I asked him if he woke up feeling violated or a little naughty. My Dad said "Nope, but that was the best sleep I've had in years!" He also said the Doc was like a "Fart in the wind" because he was in and out of there lickety split! No pun intended...

I had to go to the Social Security Office today because someone who shall remain nameless apparently tossed away Mary Claire's social security card when it came in the mail.

All I have to say is that they should hand out deodorant along with new social security numbers. Holy Cats is was stinky in that waiting room.

Maybe they could make the social security building like the YMCA... you get a shit, shower and a shave for $3 and your new social security card. Welcome to America!


My Doctor's office called to remind me that I had not yet made my 6 week postpartum gyno appointment yet. I didn't have the heart to tell the girl on the other end of the phone that I only go to the gyno when I find out I am pregnant. I have only been 4 times in my adult life... who knows if there will be a 5th.


Toni said...

Luke was 11 weeks old when they finally pinned me down. The hubs made me go. It is my absolute least favorite thing!

Momto5Minnies said...

HEE HEE ... your Dad sounds like a funny one. I guess you got his humor.

Your GYN reminder is on my list of things to do. I usually visit the GYN ONLY when I am pregnant. I am late for an appointment, but I am not late.

Dana said...

I woke up from anesthesia asking the doc how he wanted his eggs! I can't imagine what I must have been dreaming if I was going to make him breakfast. That was some good stuff.

diana said...

Dana, that's funny...especially the longer you think about it!

Cris, your dad sounds like a sweetheart. And I detest those crotch doctor appts. myself. Just hate em!