Mom Always Told Me I Would Like You One Day...

Today is my little sister Claire's birthday. We have come a long way since the days of me torturing her and her following me everywhere.

I was not a nice big sister. The way my son treats his little sister reminds me a lot of the way I treated Claire... only I have not heard Aaron try and convince Emma that she was adopted yet.

I was 7 when Claire was born and I remember the day my parents brought her home from the hospital. *side note: there was no infant car seat for Claire and my mom just held her in her arms in the front seat... just proving a point about safety from yesterday's post.*

I was the baby of the family for 7 glorious years and then she came along and stole my gig. I was quickly removed from my position of glory and reassigned to the "middle child" seat. What was I supposed to do but dislike her?

As we grew, we didn't really see eye to eye on things. She was little and I was big and therefore I could beat her up... and I did so often.

Claire was only 11 when I went away to college and then I ran off and got married and started my own life. We did not reconnect until Claire herself was in college, and we didn't become friends until she was out of school and working.

Now Claire is my best friend. She has forgiven me for all of the horrible things I did to her as a child (like cut all of the hair off of her Barbies) and I can't go a few days without talking to her.

Maybe Claire realizes that she had a much easier childhood because I paved the way for her. I broke mom and dad in with my adolescence and after me, Lindsay Lohan would have been easy to raise! Our older sister Colleen was a dream to raise-she was perfect (still is). I was perfect too-a perfect pain in the ass. Claire gave the illusion that she was perfect... I taught you well grasshopper.

Happy Birthday Claire-a-belle! I am so glad you are in my life. Enjoy your birthday~I wish I could be with you, especially since you are pregnant and I am not and this will probably be the only time in my life when I am skinnier than you!

I love you~


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire!

I feel so cheap wishing Claire HB on your blog.
Aunt Barbara

Special K ~Toni said...

That was so sweet! Happy Birthday! You two look so much alike!

Lady Tramaine said...

I ALWAYS wanted a baby sister to beat up since I was the youngest. It does become easier to be friends with siblings when you get older..she is too cute!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Sweet post.
Happy Birthday, Claire! I agree, you look so much alike.
Was your baby girl named after her?

Cris said...

Shauna~yes, Mary Claire was named after both of my sisters. My sister Colleen's first name is Mary-and of course Claire for Claire. It was the least I could do to show them how much I love them.

diana said...

You look like twins! Both of you are gorgeous!