Bonations Only Please...

My daughter Hope has the most compassionate heart when it comes to animals. She could see her brother bleeding in the middle of the street all twisted around his bike and she would ignore him completely, but if she sees a animal in distress she brings out the big guns.

She has even had me pull a ladder out of the garage in order to put a baby bird back into the nest in which it fell out of after a storm before... only to have the two babies who held onto the nest and were able to ride out the storm safe and sound jump out of the nest when they saw my big blond head approaching.

We have rescued turtles on the side of the road, and even held neighborhood funerals for dead toads, frogs, fish, and birds.

Lately my daughter has been on a kick to rescue abused horses. She has heard about a horse refuge and has decided to send them money... the only problem is that she has no money. I came up with the brilliant idea for her to hold a car wash (I am brilliant all the time). She made fliers and posters and put up balloons and information sheets.

After she handed out 40 fliers, I picked one up to see what she had written. She gave a heart wrenching plea to help abused horses who are now living at the horse refuge. On the bottom of the page she meant to write "Donations only" but sometimes her d's and b's get mixed up (she has a hard time with the "boys have a belly and ducks have a tail" rule I thought up).

So she is taking "bonations only" at her car wash. I am going to sit outside in order to keep all of the perverts and 12 year old boys away-it should be an interesting afternoon.


Toni said...

She has a great big heart! You have obviously done a wonderful job!

AuburnGalAlways said...

She and Stinkerbell would get along soooo well.

I blame Animal Planet.

diana said...

What a sweetie! (takes after her mother)

Kasia said...

Wait...is Hope the little one? I thought that was Emma... :-)