When I Was Sick, You Cared For Me.

I had to spend the morning at a "specimen collection" laboratory today. Phew-the things that I saw coming through the door! I initially failed my glucose screen at 28 weeks, so I had to do the 3-hour screen this morning.

It was a pretty boring morning spent reading 6 months old magazines and people watching-oh, I also found out that Anna Nicole Smith did in fact die of a drug overdose.

A few questions I have...
#1 Why would someone have to collect their urine for 24 hours?
#2 Why would someone have to collect their poo for any reason whatsoever?

Right before my three hour tour was up, an elderly woman shuffled in with her elderly son and elderly daughter-in-law in tow. I sat and watched the dynamics of this trio and my heart was warmed by the complete devotion that the daughter-in-law had toward her impatient mother-in-law. Basically the son and mother sat while the daughter did all of the paper work, all of the appointments and made sure everyone was happy. She would answer their questions with patience and love and she never once spoke to them in the manner that they were speaking to her. As I left, the daughter-in-law was leading her angry mother-in-law to the bathroom to help her with a specimen collection. Now, that is love.

So today I want to send out prayer and thoughts to all of the caregivers out there who have patience and love, who are devoted and faithful, who are truly answering that call of Jesus to love others as He has loved us.