Luck O' The Irish

Well, I woke up this morning all excited that it was St. Patrick's Day and I started a great post about being Irish, Irish celebrations and the two trips my husband and I have taken to Ireland. It was a beautiful post-T'is true... but then everything froze and I was asked if I wanted to send an "error report" to Microsoft. I was so pissed! Nothing gets my Irish temper up more than stupid error reports! I bet Bill Gates is Polish...

So instead I am just going to tell you how I plan on spending this Patty's Day before I throw this computer through a window.

I am going to get my husband drunk and smell his breath while I listen to my Irish Pub Songs CD all night and lick the floor of our kitchen. It will be like I was back in the Emerald Isle sitting at a pub. Tomorrow I am going to drag myself out of bed and go to Mass and pray for all the poor Irish souls in Purgatory.

If you are looking for an alternative drink to celebrate your St. Patty's Day (although I do not know why you wouldn't want a beer-I would kill for one... and that counter on the top of this blog, that is not really a countdown to when this baby is born, it is a countdown to when I can have my first taste of beer again!) Anyway, here is a great recipe that will have you singing "Scarborough Faire" and "Danny Boy" off key all night: Just find the red-headed Irish bartender at your favorite pub and ask for an Irish Car Bomb~

3/4 fluid ounce Irish whiskey
3/4 fluid ounce Irish cream liqueur
6 fluid ounces Irish stout beer

Fill a shot glass with half Irish whiskey and half Irish cream.

Pour Irish stout beer into a pint glass.

Drop in the shot glass and drink entire contents at once.

When you are finished, wipe your mouth with your sleeve and ask for another!

1 comment:

Kasia said...

Holy drunken Irishmen, Batman!

That sounds like a heckuva drink! I'll stick with the stout plain...or maybe the whiskey with a mixer. However, I'll be sure to have some sort of alcoholic treat JUST for you this weekend...preferably of Polish, English or German provenance! ;-)

Happy St. Pat's to you!

- the orange-clad Kasia