I Love You... Pond Scum and All!

Today was such a warm day in Virginia. I thought it was a little chilly because our house was chilly-and I probably still have a fever from yesterday's stomach virus. By lunch time I was so sick of lounging in bed that I had to get up and move. You would think that I would ENJOY a day or two in bed... maybe if it involved chocolate, rented chick-flix, and piles and piles of feather pillows, but this day in bed involved vomit, liquid fire, and those crazy fever dreams that have things flying at you.

Well, I needed to blow the stink off of me so I decided to make a picnic lunch for the kids and head outside. My husband stayed in bed--but I opened the window of our bedroom because it smelled like a cross between a nursing home and a morgue. We have a little fish pond in our backyard that is so scummed over from the winter that you can't even see the fish to know if they survived the cold months but I figured, what better place to enjoy a picnic lunch after spewing various liquids from the upstairs and downstairs of my body.

It was such a nice lunch. One of those lunches where the kids actually talk to you and we laugh and enjoy being together. Our little one started to walk around the pond... this is when my oldest told me that our son has rearranged all of the rocks around the pond to make a "boobie-trap" for anyone walking around it. Just at that moment, our little one lost her balance and fell butt first into the scum pond. I have to give her credit-she didn't go under. She had the head sense to just stand up~and scream.

That water had to be cold-and the smell my daughter had on her when I pulled her out would have made any skunk mother proud. I stripped her naked in the backyard and my son said "Uh, Mom... we do have neighbors." Well DUH son--but we also have a boobie trapped pond apparently!

After a bath and a new dress (warm weather insists upon dresses for any three year old) all was right with the household again and I was exhausted. I headed back to bed--but not before making a stop at the loo and realizing that even though it may be a beautiful day outside, my insides were still at terror alert red!

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