What Are They Teaching Them in Beauty School?

Is anyone ever happy with the way their hairstylist styles their hair? I mean, I love the cut-I can tell it is going to be really easy to do and then they start drying it and putting in mounds of putty and styling it... and it just looks wrong. Why is that?

I have had one stylist who could do my hair. It was when we lived in England and he was a guy. I had never gone to a guy but he came highly recommended and to tell you the truth, no one has been able to give my hair that perfect style but him. It was like he was making love to my hair and I felt a little naughty when I would leave the salon.

Today I had my hair cut to a short little trendy cut. It is very cute-or at least I know it will be cute once I style it myself. Right now it is styled to go to a wedding, and I am just not that formal of a person... and the next wedding we are going to is in June so I don't think it will hold until then.


Kasia said...

What are they teaching them in beauty school?

If my experience is any indicator, they are teaching them:

1. That you will probably never have the opportunity to do hair for a runway model, but just in case you do, you should practice on every client. The weirder the style, the better.

2. When someone walks in and says "I want a low-maintenance haircut," they really mean "I am willing to spend 45 minutes in the morning on my hair." Because by professional standards, that IS "low-maintenance."

(My definition of "low-maintenance" is more like "Most mornings I'll wash it. Most mornings I'll wide-toothed comb it and let it air dry. Some mornings I'll even brush it. For special occasions I might blow it dry.")

3. No matter what someone asks for, you should do what YOU want instead. After all, you are an artiste!

Now I go to the non-chain version of SuperCuts and call it a day. Why pay fancy salon prices for that?! :-p

Glad the cut is cute...hope you like it better sans putty!

ukok said...

I had my hair cut and coloured today and I'm really happy with it, I hadn't been for nearly 6 months so I was way overdue!

where are the pics of your new 'do' ?

Shae said...

My stylist has been styling my hair since I was about three (she was 6). She got her styling license when I was 14. I go to her and it's perfect, I hardly have to tell her what I want. But if I ever have to go to anyone else (e.g. if she's on maternity leave), it is awful and lopsided and I hate it.

I definitely know what you mean about low maintenance. For me it's usually brush and put up with a clip. But I like my hair to be able to look nice when I want it to.

I hope you like the short style. I look forward to seeing the pics.