Forgiveness is a hard thing to ask for-especially when you do not feel you did anything wrong, when you feel what you did was for the good of someone, and to protect. But that person may not see it that way-and therefore you have to listen to them, and ask for forgiveness...

You have to offer up whatever they throw your way when they are angry. If you do not offer it up, than the path that God is trying to pave will take longer-and it will be harder.

Sometimes we have to suffer so that others can grow. Sometimes we have to cry daily, pray nonstop and carry a heavy heavy cross in order for Grace to flow...

Satan is very manipulative. He will try and get you to be angry with the person you were originally trying to protect because they do not see that you were doing things out of love for them. They will hurt you with their words, with their anger, and with their own pain. These are the things that Satan wants you to take and say "forget them! Look how they are treating me! I don't need this" and he wants you to be just as angry at that person as they are at you--when you know your original actions were out of love and protection.

Imagine how angry Jesus could have been at us for our sins... but He made the ultimate offering of Himself for us. Imagine how angry God was-and how He could have decided not to send our Savior to free us. It was not easy for Him to do-He had to suffer for our forgiveness.

Today, if you are suffering for anyone's forgiveness... offer it up. Do not let Satan overrun this precious opportunity Christ is showing you. The road may at times be very difficult to travel... but if we travel it with Christ the only outcome is peace.