And the Winner Is.... Not Me

Well, we did not win the Jackpot. Next time my husband tells me to go to the store to buy a lottery card I am just going to tell him to roll down the window and toss the dollar bill out into the wind-because that is basically what we do.

I have never understood the whole buying lottery tickets thing. I know we will never win, so why even try. It would be like buying a pair of size 2 jeans... I know I will never get my rear end in them so why put myself through the hope only to be let down.

This morning as my husband was stepping out of the shower to get dressed for work he said "What if we won? Should I still go to work?" Now, it being 4 a.m. and his leaving the bed left a cold front to move across my back, I replied "Nah, just climb back in bed... we'll go mansion hunting later this afternoon after our massages and facials."

Could you imagine being that rich? My family is very blessed with what we do have and I can sit here and type "I wouldn't want all that money" but I would be lying. I would love love love to be filthy stinking rich! Do you ever picture it? Imagine life with lots and lots of cash? I know I know I know, it is a sin to want more than what is given to us... but for just a moment be a sinner and pretend you are rich. How would you live your life? Would you do things differently?

I personally do not think I would do too much differently... other than live in a house with a maid, a cook, have a pool, a hot tub, and use really expensive hair care products. I would still homeschool, and I would still blog. :)

I may vacation more than once every other year and I would drive a Cadillac Escalade... but I would still be me right?

Does money change people who are grounded in their beliefs and in their lives? What do you think?

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Mary Poppins NOT said...

Hmmm, I would pay off my house, hire a landscaping company to whip these crazyacres into shape, replace my kitchen cabinets and all the carpeting and pergo in my house with real wood, and hire a personal trainer, and plant 100 more trees in my woods, and get rid of all the crappy bikes we have and get my kiddos new ones, and hire a company to come organize our garage, and turn our junky but cute shed into a fixed and cute potting shed. I would hire someone to build a kicka** tree house in our yard. I would donate $$ to finish the iconography in our church, and build 200 people houses in Haiti through Food for the Poor. My husband would be able to acheive his dream of starting an Eastern Catholic Great Books college, and teach there. I would set up a college scholarship fund for my nieces and nephews (I have 35 so far) and for our wonderful friends with all the large families that are trusting God to help them pay for everything. That's all that comes to mind immediately. It's fun to think about, eh?