Da Bears and American Idol

I have not mentioned this yet, but we are HUGE Chicago Bears fans! Having been born and raised in the Chicago area (my husband and I live just a few blocks from each other growing up), it would be a crime if we were not Chicago fans. We are Bulls fans, Blackhawk fans, and Cubbie fans... we politely decline being White Sox fans because no true Chicagoan is a White Sox fan--unless you are my cousin and like the White Sox just to irritate the rest of us. Well, seeing as Da Bears are in the SUPERBOWL this year our house has been in Bear-down preparations all week. I have had numerous shirts shipped from the Chicago area (thank you family and friends) and the first arrived yesterday--my husband gladly wore it to work today. We also have flags and pennants in the windows of our formal living room, and I have started a novena to St. Sebastian who is the patron Saint of athletes! I have to say though that I am sadly disappointed that our beloved Bears did not do a remake of the Superbowl Shuffle like this one: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/69344/super_bowl_shuffle/

After Church 2 weeks ago, my husband walked up to our dear friend and priest Fr. D and asked him to send up a blessing for our Bears (I think he was trying to do it in the Rocky Balboa fashion "yo Father, I'm fighting tonight, can you send me up a blessing"). Fr. D jokingly said that football was the work of the devil because it keeps men away from Mass on Sundays. Thank God above that the Superbowl is in the evening this Sunday!

I do have one bone to pick with my father though... all of a sudden he has become a traitor and started rooting for the Indianapolis Colts. This is crazy! Here is a man who has worn Bears clothing to every family function and even to Church on Sundays and he is now saying he is rooting for the Colts?!! I fear Alzheimer's is starting to set in with him and we will soon be sending him to a nursing home... or at least that was the threat I gave him over the phone the other day. He needs to get his mind right! I don't accept traitors well. Back in the day when Michael Jordan was a Bull he made a comment-no, not a comment, a promise that he would never play for any other city than Chicago. Well... he retired, then came out of retirement, then retired, and then went and played for someone else. I was so traumatized that I do not even recall the name of the team he went and played for--I think it was Crapville. Anyway, I view MJ as a traitor and have held a grudge against him ever since. I am sure he is cut up about this--but he will have to get right with Chicago before I forgive him. I tell you this story so that you understand the severity of my father rooting for the *gag* Colts. Ew, I think a little throw up just came into my mouth. My little sister is just as appalled by this--although she really is teetering on the line with me sine she married a Broncos fan and even expressed her loyalty to the Broncos in one of the email "50 questions about you" forms. She has said that she is "both" a Broncos and Bears fan-that is like saying she is a Republican and a Democrat-it just ain't right. The Bears vs. her husband. No question... "Da Bears!" One last question for you all... Lovey Smith vs. the Taliban.... no question "LOVEY!"


Has anyone else been watching American Idol? (only 8 million of you right?) Well did anyone see it the other night when the curly haired kid named Chris came on? He sang amazingly and he was dang funny. He said he wanted to be an American Idol just to make David Hasslehoff cry like he did when Taylor Hicks won. I laughed so hard-my kind of humor! I am getting my speed dial ready to call... although I have never called for my favorite performer and then I get ticked off when the are booted (Daughtry)! My husband asked if people really think they sound good when they sing, and then he turned to my daughter and asked if she thinks she sounds good when she sings (we hear her singing all the time locked away in her room... to say she is off key is being kind), well she matter-of-factly said "yes, I am a good singer." Point made--even the bad ones think they sound good.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

It sounds like you will have one, fun weekend! My hubs is going to my in laws for the SBP and the only reason to watch (Vikes sucked this year, as always) this year is to watch da bears get their hineys...I mean, to watch the sportsmen put up a good challenge. Heehee, I love what you said about your daughter but NOBODY compares to my 4 year old niece, Gabby. I'll have to get my sis to secretly record her and post it in a video for everyone to get the full effect. The thing is...she LOVES to sing...and does it a LOT. It takes everything in me to not wince and to force myself without laughing to tell her, "Gabby! That's so LOVELY! I love it when you sing pretty songs like that!"

Cris said...

Laura~I am going to ignore your Bears comment seeing as you are a Vikings fan... I don't know how you can live with yourself really. HAHA!