Orthodontist Waiting Room Literature-Sex and the Middle Aged Woman!

So my oldest got her braces on yesterday (just the tops thus far), and I was able to spend an entire hour in the waiting room catching up on my magazine reading. This is the only chance since I don't buy magazines (I used to buy People every stinkin' week, but then I started to think it was a lot like gossip). So anyway, I figure if I am not the one actually buying the gossip magazines, than it should be OK for me to read them right? It is a good theory-one that will not fly with Fr. D in confession... but I can fool myself for now. ANYWAY, I was reading Good Housekeeping (not even a serious gossip mag) and I came across an article on sex after marriage. Now, I never really planned on talking about sex on my blog because, well, it is a very private matter... one that I only share with my closest friends and most of the time they can never tell if I am joking or telling the truth so my sex-live is usually pretty guarded. But there was this poem in there (if you have the Feb. issue you will know what I am talking about) and it was about a woman not wanting to make love to her husband for one reason or another, and then he "convinces" her and she slowly remembers the comfort and bliss that making love with her husband brings her. I thought this was a very sweet poem...

I think that over the years, well it is more quality than quantity. When my husband and I were first married it was great fun having sex, and over the years it became more and more fun, but it was the kind of fun that only comes along every so often... kind of like the ice cream truck when you were a kid. You would be playing happily and all of a sudden hear the faint sound of the ice cream truck miles away. You yell "ICE CREAM!" and run in the house for your quarter and than wait and wait and wait for that truck to come. Some days it would... but other days the happy song would just grow fainter and fainter until it was gone... or a solar eclipse-which every analogy you prefer. My husband is the type that will ask for affection every night of his life. Even if he is sick and dying, he will always throw in the comment that he is not so sick that he would pass up a chance for some love. Me on the other hand, I am constantly tired. I could go to bed and not think of making love to my husband for weeks... I am pitiful I know, but I am damn tired people!

In Danielle Bean's blog today, she wanted everyone to say one nice thing about their husband. She is correct in saying that television shows seem to make the husband out to be the punching bag. We love "Everybody Loves Raymond" in our house. Mainly because it is my life. If any of you knew my mother-in-law you would agree. I am sure I will visit that subject more in future blogs... ANYWAY, my nice thing to say about my husband is that I love the familiarity of him. I know him completely and he knows me. I am comfortable and open with him. I have no secrets-because he knows them all. He loves me at my worst and he will offer himself to me even when I am cranky and ugly. He knows just how to open my arms to him and for that I am grateful.

I remember talking to a friend of mine (Lori) a long time ago and I was complaining that I just didn't feel attractive anymore-that I just wanted to be noticed. She pointed out to me that my husband always notices me and is always attentive and willing towards me. This is so very true. Women worry so much about their appearances-the baby weight they gain, the thinning hair after each child, the not-so-tight buns. We long for our 18-year-old bodies, but eventually give in to the fact that 18 was a long time ago and we need to be comfortable with our 30-something bodies-stretch marks and all! My husband helps me with that a lot. He rarely comments on the fact that my arse now goes down to my legs, rather than my legs going up to my arse.
Some Some days I look at my husband and cannot get enough of him. His smell, his smile, the shape of his hands. Other days I can shoot him, but this blog is not about those days, this is about the good things about him. Hang around for a while and eventually I will write a blog about how much I want to shoot my husband... but as for today, he is my life. Without him I would be lost. I owe him everything I have and then some. My heart truly aches when I think about him and although I am tired 6 out of 7 days in the week... I still desire his love fully and am thankful that he knows how to remind me of how good it is to be married and to love unconditionally.


ukok said...

Hi there,

I noticed in my sitemeter I was getting hits from this URL, I'm glad I checked it out because I really enjoyed reading your posts :-)

God Bless you

Mary Poppins NOT said...

That was lovely. I have been married almost 15 years, and it is amazing how familiarity is a comfort far beyond the excitement of new love.