Manic Monday

Well... we are in mourning at our house. Our beloved Bears lost-a moment of silence please...

My father called yesterday before the game to tell me in his irritating "I am a new Colt's fan" tone "The best team will win." I told him to keep it up and not only would he find himself in a nursing home, but I will put him in one in Indianapolis if he loves it so much!

Actually, I did not watch much of the game. The fist quarter was great, but then all of the snacks were making me sick and my children were in rare form last night--well, they were normal, but I was not feeling well so their constant jabber and body movements were making me want to tear my hair out, so I had to retreat upstairs and watch "The Barbie Nutcracker" with my youngest. At one point my son (who lives and breathes Bears) came upstairs and yelled "I can't take it anymore-I just can't watch anymore!" as he flung off his Grossman jersey and proceeded to give me the play by play. By 9:30 I tucked all children in bed and headed there myself. My husband came in looking so sad and defeated after the game. Poor guy. Actually, I have to say poor Rex Grossman, because if I know my beloved Chicago the way I do, Chicagoans will be looking for his head on a platter. He is going to have it rough for a while... maybe I should add him to my prayer list.

Speaking of prayer lists... my daughter came home from her Religious ed classes yesterday and said that one of the kids asked the teacher if it was OK to pray for someone else to have "no luck, or bad luck" they told them YES! UGH! Now, as you all know I homeschool and therefore I teach religion with every subject. We send our children to Religious ed classes through our parish because a) Our parish does not look at homeschool taught religion as credit for the year--which irritates me completely! and b) because we recently moved here, I wanted to offer yet another chance for my kids to meet other (nice) kids in the area. Well, so far I have had to pull my son out of his original RE class because of what they were "teaching" and switch him to another, and now I have to scratch my head at my daughter's class. Having said all that--I was sure that some people in the world were praying for the Bears to have bad luck last night... obviously all misguided by their RE teachers when they were children.

So, even though they lost I still love my Bears and Brian Urlacher. I had to put that in for my little sister because she and I just think he is the greatest! I refer to him just by his first name when I watch the games because I am such a fan I feel he and I are on a first-name basis. He feels the same no doubt.

To all the Colts fans out there--congratulations and so on... blah blah blah. To all the Bears fans out there--go easy on Rex (again, first-name basis) he is just a kid.



Mary Poppins NOT said...

Yes, well, what I meant by fun to watch was the effect of the rain on the game. The slipping, sliding, fumbling, recovering, fumbling again. I am not a huge Bears fan, but was hoping they would win. I live in the "Chicagoland area" and it was exciting to see all the celebration about them being in the Super Bowl. I really wasn't suprised they lost, as Rex just isn't very good. The defense, yes, but Rex is no Jim McMahon.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify. And there is always next year, eh?

Anonymous said...

I don't even follow the Greycup...boring ain't I?