A Prada Dress you say? No Thanks! I go for Shabby Warmth

I have this sweater. It is the greatest sweater in the free world! I bought it years ago and it is a light blue-well, a dingy blue now. It is a wrap around sweater that falls just below my rear end. This has become my sweater that I put on every day in order to keep warm. I wake up in the morning and it is the first thing I reach for. When I am ever chilly, I send my son up to my room to fetch my sweater so I can warm up. It is worn out and starting to get holes in the elbows... and my husband HATES this sweater. I will never give up this sweater-no one can ever make me! I am aware that it looks like a robe and probably smells like musty socks, but I love it.

When I was a little girl my mom had a brown sweater that she wore everyday. Hers was a zip up and I recall her wearing it for years (along with a pair of purple polyester pants... my mom was a trend setter). I don't know when it happened but one day the brown sweater was gone. Did my mom finally give up this security sweater for the more traditional sweatshirt, or was it somehow mysteriously "lost" by my father? These are questions that will forever go unanswered-much like the Big Foot mystery or the Loch Ness monster sightings.

Today, I was chilly so I asked my son to please bring me down my beloved sweater. He did so and when I walked back into our school room, which doubles as our formal dining room, my daughter had on her comfy red robe over her clothes and my son had on his Bears robe over his clothes. I just smiled. I love homeschooling! Kids who go to school do not bond with their lounging clothes the way that homeschool kids do.

One day I am sure that my blue sweater will get "lost." Until then, I will wear it proud, I will embarrass my kids by wearing it when I pick them up from their activities (they also really hate when I wear my Lands end slippers as shoes out of the house!) and my husband will just have to look past the blue sweater and find the sexy woman that resides beneath it. My sweater is a part of who I am... a little worn out-but always willing to bring warmth.


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I have one too!