Van Banter

ME: "little one, what would you like?" (at the McD's Drive-thru)

little one: "a cheese burgerrrrrr"

after taking a bite of said cheese burger:
little one: "Hey! They put cheese on this!"

While driving son and oldest to Drama class after picking up son from karate (he has to change in the van on the way)

little one: "brother, why do you have your pants off?"

brother: "because I have to change to go to drama."

little one: "but, you're nekid!"

brother: "well thank God we have tanned windows!"

Oldest sister: "don't you mean TINTED windows?!"

I have no idea when we will stop referring to our tinted windows as tanned windows...


Anonymous said...

LOL. the things they say.
Rocky went straight into the bathroom before climbing into bed with us this morning. it's his birthday -- and he says from the bathroom, "MOMMY! I have a LOT more tinkle now that I'm six years old! When I'm 7 I'll be in there for a hundred hours!"

Kasia said...


Too cute (on all counts)!