I Would Never Deny Thee!

We love to go to the movies, but we hate to pay the HUGE prices for the candy so we smuggle it in. When I am at the grocery, I will buy a few boxes of movie-size candies so when we go I can stuff my purse with candy, cans of soda, microwave popcorn... and once I even brought a salt shaker because I accidentally bought "unsalted" microwave popcorn and that just ain't right. Anyway, the other day, my husband and I were at the store and we bought the usual candy-Nerds, Sweet tarts, Twizzlers-none of these phase me and I can have them in the house for ages without craving them. Well, my husband also picked up a box of Jr. Mints... my favorite! They were in the cabinet for a total of 4 hours before I cracked those babies open.

Temptation is a cruel thing. I always think I am doing really good at being obedient... but then someone goes and buys Jr. Mints and it is all over. I caved-I denied three times before the cock crowed.

I hid the evidence and went straight to the store to buy another Jr. Mint box to replace the one I ate... and just moments ago, I finished the last stinking one from the box. I am so weak.

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Anonymous said...

ah well. join the club. sometimes we're just weak in one thing while we're being strong in another -- something to do with balance.