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Aprons- Y/N- Nope... I do have one that my husband wears when he is carving the turkey on Thanksgiving, but that is the only time it is pulled out. I like to live on the edge and see if I can make it through a dinner prep without sploshing sauce all over me.

Baking-- Favorite thing to bake: I am not a good baker-I can cook, but I cannot bake. My daughter is the baker in the house--her specialty is a big cookie.

Clothesline- Y/N-- My parents had one, and I always hated the feel of sheets dried outside. They were just too rough and they never smelled good. You know those commercials that have a skinny woman dancing to imaginary music in her head while she takes the sheets off the line and smells them like they are just heaven sent? Yeah--that is not how it is. The sheets smell like they were just slept on to me. Yuck. We basically used my parent's clothes line to hang our pool towels

Donuts-- I used to love Dunkin' Donuts' but that was back when I was young and could eat a pound of sugar a day and it had no affect on my body--now if I eat a donut I have to skip lunch and dinner and I still gain 5 lbs. Stupid donuts!

One homemaking thing you do every day-- I wipe pee drops off the toilet seat everyday. I also wipe sticky stuff off of various surfaces around the house, and dishes... dishes are a never-ending job that I do. They just keep reproducing... dishes must be Catholic. I need to get me some protestant dishes that do not reproduce so much! HAHA

Freezer-- Do you have a separate deep freeze? Are you talking about an extra fridge? We have one of those in the garage. It is full of beer, and milk.

Garbage Disposal-- Y/N? I would not buy a house that did not have one! We did not have one when I was a child and we had to scrape the dishes into a little plastic bag that had just gross stuff in it from the entire day. Blech! It is amazing that I survived my childhood-seriously. We were so deprived.

Handbook-- What is your favorite homemaking resource? The Bible

Ironing--Love it or hate it?These are all things that my mother did... I do not do any of these things, because I am June Cleaver AFTER a six-pack... not June Cleaver circa 1952! I do not iron, I go to the dry cleaner and pay an arm and a leg to get a pair of shorts pressed. I remember my mom used to iron my dad's hankies. What the hek? That is how I actually learned how to iron, but pressing my dad's hankies... little pieces of fabric that he was going to blow his nose in! He didn't know how good he had it let me tell you.

Junk drawer--Y/N? Where is it? We have one junk drawer in the kitchen... but I have children who empty the dishwasher so all of my cabinets are discombobulated. I can never find anything and I swear I am going to put a big ol' bell on the kitchen scissors because those suckers never make it back to their proper place. It is a game I play every day, "where or where are the kitchen scissors?'"

Kitchen: Design and decorating? It has a table and we eat in it. That is about it.

Love: What is your favorite part of homemaking? The paycheck... the recognition... the fame!

Mop Y/N -- I am more of a "hands and knees" kind of gal. Those darn mops just don't get the corners or the base boards... man am I anal.

Nylons-- What are nylons?

Oven-- Do you use the window or open the door to check? I open the door-if it is burned, it is dinner time!

Pizza-- everything but anchovies. I am from the Chicago area and I have not had pizza as good as from back home-so I am not real picky-it isn't going to be as good as I have had it.

Quiet-- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? This is the funniest question I have ever read in my life! Quiet moments, well let's see, I scarf down the stash of chocolate I am hiding before any children/husband/dog comes in and asks me for a bite and I go to the bathroom and read.

Recipe Card Box Y/N? Nope, I have all of my recipes on the computer now.

Style of house--Virginia Colonial

Tablecloths and napkins? Nah-we just tear off a piece of paper towel to wipe our mouths... and any other part that needs a good cleaning at the moment.

Under the kitchen sink-- organized or toxic wasteland? Pretty organized. One side is sponges and soaps, the other is cutting boards and Olive Oil.

Vacuum-- how many times per week? I love to vacuum. I love the look of carpet that is clean. We only have carpet in the bedrooms so the kids have to vacuum their own and I do my bedroom about every other day. I used to vacuum our old house which had all carpet, every day. I was obsessed... I have received help for this and now if I vacuum more than 4 times a week my electric shock collar sends me enough volts to curl my hair!

Wash-- How many loads of laundry do you do in a week? I do a load a day. I switch between whites and colors. It makes life easier-really. When I was a kid my mom did laundry on Mondays-I hated Mondays because I would get a pile of clothes to put away that was the size of a totem pole. It is much more manageable for me to do a little each day.

X's-- Do you keep a daily list of things to do and cross them off?-- Only when I have a lot to do. My kids have a school schedule that we check off each day for each subject. If I am cleaning I am anal and put down every detail that I have to do. I can't help it. If I do something that was not on the list, I will go back and add it just so that I can cross it off. I need serious psychiatric help...

Yard-- Who does what? There are two things I do not do... mow the lawn and change light bulbs. I will garden and weed and plant pretty flowers, but the lawn mowing is my husband's job. We are always out there together, me puttering in the flower beds while he mows. He also changes all burned out light bulbs. He has a hard life...

Zzz's--Locking all doors, brushing my teeth, checking on the kids, saying the rosary and then praying for sleep to come...

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Mary Poppins NOT said...

Ha! That was good! I especially like the junk drawer answer, because that is so familiar. My kids unload the dishwasher, too, and I can never find anything. I am tempted to get some kind of indelible color coding system to indicate which utensils go is which drawers. I can't figure out how to do it yet, but when I do, it'll probably end up on late night infomercials.