"I Want My Two Dollars!"

Has anyone seen the movie "Better Off Dead" with John Cusack? It is an 80's flik-very funny, I highly recommend it for a Saturday night movie fest complete with soda and popcorn. Anyway, in this movie, a paperboy comes to the door to collect two dollars for the paper bill. Throughout the movie this paper boy starts to stalk John Cusack's character chanting "I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!" Well, that is how I have felt the last few days with girl scouts in the neighborhood...

Next year I need to make up a chart of who I have bought those darn cookies from and who I have not. I am going to get it laminated and post it right beside our front door so I will know just how many boxes we have ordered and how much money we owe... so far this year we are in the hole over $40~we obviously have a problem.

It is just that those little girls look so cute ringing my door bell asking if I would like to buy some cookies. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that they would think of ME when it comes to cookies, and subsequently, I start checking off box after box giddy with the thought of eating such yummy morsels. Another thing that gets me is when they say those magical words-"you don't have to pay until the cookies are delivered." Now, this must hit some kind of weak synapses in my brain and I think to myself "I don't have to pay now??? Ohhh, this is like ordering from a catalog in November and not having to pay until February!" But then February comes and I have forgotten all about the purchase I made in November and... you know the drill.

I was never a girl scout. I was a brownie... then I crossed the bridge to the girl scout world, looked in the mirror (pretending it was water) and then quit. If any of you were ever a brownie/girl scout you will know what I am talking about. I remember wearing my new clogs to the "bridge" presentation--they were wooden, and I loved them. I never sold any cookies though--I don't even know if they did cookies back then. You would think that if they did my family would have known about it... especially my Dad and his love for sweets.

My daughter was a girl scout for a little while. We did the cookie thing and let me tell you, it was exhausting! I have to hand it to all of the moms of all of the girl scouts out there--because they are the ones who are doing all of the "behind the scenes" work when it comes to cookie sales. Sure, the little girls get to put on their little uniforms with all of the patches that they have accomplished and sell the cookies, but we all know it is a mom's job once all of those cookies are delivered and ready to be sorted, accounted for, tallied, delivered, and if the money comes short... it is mom who ends up writing a check. So, to all of you girl scout moms out there-I salute you~

As for me, I am not answering my front door anymore. Our freezer is full of cookie boxes, the cabinet above the stove (the snack cabinet) is stuffed with boxes, and I even have a few boxes hidden under my bed. I have already eaten an entire box of Samoas and now I am eyeing a box of Tagalongs... *big sigh*

Next year when those little sweet girl scouts ring my door bell I am going to have to just hide in the bathroom and pretend no one is home.


Anonymous said...

Move to Canada someday. The "Girl Guide Cookies" - man. There's only one choice of cookie. No selections. So I've never bought. I only want the coconut caramel thingys.

(you're probably tired of me commenting, eh?)

Sorry 'bout that.

Cris said...

Alexa-I never tire of you commenting... at least someone loves me in this blog world! :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

"Twist me and turn me and show me the elf. I look in the mirror and see (say to self "1,2,3") MYSELF!" That's what I remember from brownies. It had something to do with graduating from one level to the next and some story about an elf (?) but that's all I remember. Oh wait, "On my honor, I will try, to do my best, somethingsomething, to do my duty, and live by the girlscout law" whoa, where'd that come from? That sounds kind of like a cult or something. I also remember them hawking the idea of horse camp all the time and knowing that my parents would NEVER be able to afford it, I only could dream about that kind of thing. My mom never really understood the importance of getting as many pins and badges as possible so we (my sis and I) were always behind in our brownie/girlscout groups and had a wimpy showing of flair on our sashes. It was good practice for a lifetime of an inferiority complex! It's really a wonder that I have any confidence at all.

Kasia said...

I was a Brownie for a year or two. It was boring - all we did was play board games at the local elementary school. At least that's all I remember doing.

The pledge: "On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to be the best that I can be, and to live by the Girl Scout Law." Right? I have no idea what the G.S. Law is though...

What I want to know: why do they schedule cookie delivery to coincide with the beginning of Lent?

I love how the Girl Scouts have become to you what the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses are to most of the country... :-p

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Ooooh, tag a longs and samoas. I can't get enough of those. Fortunately, with all the people in this house they don't last long and the temptation is gone. When my kids were smaller and I had tight reigns over the food, I would single handedly eat all the girl scout cookies. Now, they help themselves and save me from myself. It's a blessings and a curse.