I am Getting Soft... in the Middle and in the Brain

I am a glutton for punishment... my youngest has been sleeping with me since my husband left out of town. You may be saying "Oh, that is sweet" but believe me when I tell you that just these last few days of her climbing quietly in my bed will turn into MONTHS of screaming and crying-both her and me-and trying to get her back into her own bed.

My mom was smart... but with each child she became more soft. My older brother never was allowed to sleep with my parents, my older sister would only make it to the hallway and fall asleep propped up against their door. With me, I would make it into their bedroom and ask my mom if I could sleep with her and she would let me crawl in--but only gave me 2 inches of bed and no covers. Now, I would lay there as stiff as a board for as long as I could, but eventually I would give up and head back to my own bed. I say my mom is smart because she never had to get up and lead any of us back to our beds-she didn't give an inch when it came to her sleeping and we knew it! When my little sister came along-my mom went soft. Claire slept in my parent's bed all the time--and in the middle I think, with all the covers.

The same is true for our family. My oldest never ventured out of her own bed. She would even call for me in the morning when she woke up and ask if it was time for her to get up yet. When I would sleepily call back "no, lay your head back down." SHE WOULD DO IT! Wow... I thought I was a brilliant mother! My son never slept in his bed-or in mine. I would go to him throughout the night getting him back to sleep--this is the kid who broke my brilliant streak and made me a slave to his sleep cycle. Our youngest did really well until she went to a toddler bed--and this just happened! She is 3.5 and we just moved her into a toddler bed--because we need the crib for the little lamb I carry around with me 24/7 who gives me heartburn and hemorrhoids. Anyway, we just completed a sleep deprivation trial here at our home with the little one and I know I am causing another string of sleepless nights by letting her crawl in with me while my husband is away with work.

Now, you need to know that I am taking a great risk by posting such a blog. You see, I always thought that my husband would read my blog every once in a while-but only skimming, never truly reading (kind of like the birthday cards the kids and I spend HOURS searching for and he will skim the contents and ask for cake-sheesh!) Well, after my "Valentine's Day stinks" post yesterday, I found out that he does in fact read my blog... good thing he hasn't figured out how to post a comment yet.

So just consider this post a warning to my hubby. The little one has taken over your side of the bed, and it does not look like she will be relinquishing her newly acquired throne. Oh, and Ralph next door did come out and help the kids finish shoveling the drive after he asked our boy if you were out of town. (This was after he received the cupid poop in his mailbox!)

We can't wait til you come home on Friday~I miss you!


Mary Poppins NOT said...

My first few children slept with us now and then. The middle children a little more. The smallest children frequently. As more time passes and the older children grow up, we realize just how quickly the time of waking up to little bodies in our bed will pass. There is nothing like having the first thing you see the sweet loving face of a little child, peaceful and secure in your bed. It all ends so quickly.

Cris said...

Sadly I never look at having a sweet little face in my bed as something that will pass quickly and I should cherish it while I can. I will tell my husband that when he gets home and see what he says---my bet is we still have to play musical beds for a while~

Michelle said...

Soooo...did he defend himself on not mentioning the cards you so nicely packed in his luggage?

Cris said...

No Michelle... he has yet to mention the cards. But, I did get a card in the mail yesterday from him-it was very sweet, very mushy, very loving... and made me feel very guilty! How does he do that? Get out of trouble by making me feel guilty for being mad. Oh well. Maybe next year it will be a Harlequin Valentine's day... a girl can dream!