HAPPY VALENT.... oh whatever!

I probably should not be posting right now... I should probably go take a shower and take a deep breath and relax. I should just skip over this day and go on to tomorrow. Feb. 15 is always better than Feb. 14.

My husband and I have maybe been together 2 Valentine's Days in our entire 17 years together. As I sit here I think "who really cares about Valentine's Day? It is just a Hallmark holiday anyway." Yeah, well, I never buy that. I want to be pampered, I want to be showered with gifts and kisses and made to feel special. I want something other than the usual housewife day. I want to feel like the ladies on the cover of a Harlequin novel damnit!

Well, this year is no different and my husband is out of town for work. I awoke to snow-pretty as it is, it is not cheering me up. My neighbors all have snow blowers and they have already cleared their driveways--mine is still snowed over. I guess I have a snow blower as well--it it ME! This is where you should know that my husband also has the knack of being out of town when we get snow. You think I may be lying--but I speak the truth! I was about to call my friend Lori this morning and tell her that my husband is out of town and yes, it snowed. She is the one who pointed out to me last year that he was always gone during a snow--thanks Lori. Isn't it Valentine's Day? Wouldn't you think that someone would think that maybe the pregnant lady whose husband is out of town would need her driveway cleared--but noooooo. I will go out with my son and huff and puff and clear the driveway--then I will turn around and realize that I gave birth half-way down the drive. Happy stinkin' Valentine's day~

Now you should know that when I was packing for my husband to leave, I stealthily placed TWO different cards in his pant legs for him to discover throughout his trip so he could think of me and long to be home cuddled with me in front of a fire sipping hot coco and whispering Shakespeare in my delicate ears. Well... he had not even mentioned my cards!

Now many of you may be saying "Poor guy! Give him a break! He is working hard so that you can stay at home and he has others who are breathing down his back this week and he needs you to be kind and understanding right now." To you I say "Go jump in a lake!" I am his WIFE! He asked ME... it is not like I asked HIM. He should realize that I only need extra attention on two different days-my birthday and Valentine's day. I really do not ask for much more.

The sad truth is that he will never know that I sit here feeling like no one has asked me to my Senior Prom today. He will go on with his day unaware that he is stomping on my poor precious heart-no, I am strong. I can press on... I will launder his boxers when he gets home and I will make sure his favorite meal is on the stove (OK, that is not true because his favorite meal is meatloaf and I cannot make a meatloaf to save my life! ) so his second favorite meal (anything that comes after meatloaf) is on the stove and I will never mention my blog breakdown. *big sigh*

That is of course unless he reads today's blog--if that is the case... well HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I love you my husband, but you will have to ring the doorbell when you come home as I have had the locks changed.


Michelle said...

He hasn't mentioned the cards?!?! Did you put them in pants he'd be SURE to wear?

Bill got home at a "reasonable" hour last night - about 6:30 pm (Federal offices closed at 2 pm, but he tried to explain to me why he didn't count as a Fedeeral employee...??), and I took advantage of this and had our special chocolate cake for dessert. I was just happy to have him around.

And he, too, has a knack for not being around when it snows. And neighbors seem pretty obtuse, don't you think? I once had a toddler in a backpack and a big pregnant belly and was pushing the lawn mower around and my neighbor came out and told me how much she admired me, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to strangle her screaming, "I'm only doing this because SOMEBODY has to and you're not offering!!!" Instead and went and found a neighborhood kid to do it for me. And he didn't even give me a pregnant-wife-of-deployed-soldier-defending-my-personal-liberties discount.

Cris said...

Yes Michelle... I put them in pants he would wear. One in his flight suit and the other in a pair of pants that he needed for a dinner. grumble grumble...

My children shoveled so I did not have to go out--but now my driveway looks like a hundred elephants trampled it rather than it being carefully cleared. I am not complaining though-now I can go out to blockbuster and rent a movie that will make me cry over my diet caffeine-free pepsi and white fudge pretzels.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! :)

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Valentine's Day stinks. Always has, always will. The only high point is my children making cards for each other. Even the 13 year old son made cards for his siblings.

But my husband doen't really "get it", and we have settled into an uneasy truce about it.

I have a good meatloaf recipe, by the way, if you want it.