Home Management and World Hunger

Last night I hosted our homeschool group's "Ladies Night." This was a really fun night and I have to say I am thankful for all the ladies in this group who are smart, funny, inspiring, and caring. I am truly blessed to have found this group when we moved here and I feel it is the perfect fit for my family. (I did not have to say all those things... even though I gave them my blog address to check out-but that really is the way I feel-honest!)

Last night we talked about home management tips. Well, first we talked about everything else under the sun and the last 20 minutes or so we talked about the main topic of the evening... but still. I gave the best tip I had... hire a cleaning lady. I was so surprise that no one else in the group had thought of this! My favorite day is the day I get to walk in my house and someone else has cleaned it and I can just enjoy it. I think this is something that all homeschooling moms should have--heck, all stay-at-home moms should have a cleaning lady!

Now some of you may be saying, "But that is my job-I am the one who is supposed to clean and do the laundry and educate the children, and discover a cure for cancer and conquer world hunger" Yeah Yeah Yeah... I am not that proud.

Now, please do not think of me as a snob who has a Alice tucked away in the room next to the kitchen (wouldn't that be nice though?) I just have someone come in once a month... and to be honest, 48 hours after the house has been completely cleaned, my children have once again "kidded" it up and it needs it again-so I do still clean... A LOT! But there is something wonderful about that one day out of the month when I can walk into my house and just say AHHHHHH! Those are also the days I pretend I am a size 6 and chocolate has no calories!


Michelle said...

BTW, if you ever do stop by my home, Tuesday afternoons are the BEST because my cleaning lady comes every Tuesday morning. Naturally, Monday afternoons are the worst day. I tell people to get a maid all the time, if it's in the budget, of course. My mother was shocked to learn that I do this, but I told her I am stimulating the economy.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

WHAT? ARE YOU GUYS THAT LAZY??? CANT YOU JUST CLEAN YOUR OWN DAMN HOU...hold on just a second..."hello, Merry Maids? yeah, can you come on Thurs. instead of today? We all have the flu and I can't 'pre clean' because of the constant barfing, etc...okay, see you Thurs...oh, and by the way, next time the ladies come, could they pay extra special attention to the grime between the floor and the trim in the kitchen? I have five kids who spill a lot and I can't really get down there and do it because I have a bad back. Thanks." heeheheeeheheeeeheeeee. I won 1200 dollars worth of services from Service Master last month and now I am a spoiled brat who LOVES having a cleaning lady!!!!! My kids at first started saying things like, "Why should we make our bed Mama, the CLEANING LADY is coming tomorrow anyway." We had to have a little talk about that one but OH the lemon smell when I come in the house is HEAVEN I tell you!!!!! I don't know what I will do when the gift card money runs out. I figure I'll find someone who can do it cheaper and sacrifice something else to keep a cleaning lady. It's the best thing ever invented! Also, now I have to go to confession about lying about my back. I just don't feel like/don't have time for getting down there and scrubbing at that disgusting black stuff!