Random Acts of Violence

Yesterday my sister-in-law called. She has hurt her wrist in some way-either broken or badly injured-and we started joking around. I suggested that maybe our Mother-in-law has a couple of voo-doo dolls in our likenesses and she is the main cause of my tooth problems and her wrist problems. We thought we would know for definite if anything else happened to us...

This morning I woke up and my back went out.



I love Dairy Queen Blizzards. I love the m&m blizzard. I could live off of this yummy dessert.

My husband was going to pick up my daughter from her riding lessons last night and I suggested that he stop at DQ and bring me back a m&m blizzard to which he replied, "No way."

I led him to believe that if he did stop at DQ and buy me a m&m blizzard that there would be some "action" in his near future.

He bought me a large... he is so easy.


My brother-in-law Chet (we all remember Chet from the birth story right?) is out to sea. He is not "out to sea" as in "crazy and at a crazy hospital that no one is talking about it so we just say he is out to sea" - he is in the navy. Anyway, he is supposed to come home Thursday. He called my sister-in-law (my voo-doo doll twin) early this morning as simply said, "I might be coming home tonight-clean the house-gotta go!" and hung up.

It is the romance that keeps their marriage rockin'



Special K ~Toni said...

Ahhhh,... the spice in a marriage!

:o) said...

The house'd be the last thing on my husband's mind. His comments would be, "put on something slinky!" Sea or no sea.

Pete or Kathryn said...

When my husband was in the Navy he didn't give a da** about the house, he didn't even care about something slinky...just getting action asap!
So voodooo dolls, you might be on to something there!


Beth said...

I love DQ Blizzards as well! My favorite is one that they don't do very often...The Brownie Batter Blizzard. YUM!!

The closest one to the Brownie Batter that they have on a regular basis is the Chocolate Extreme...a girl's got to get her chocolate fix!

Dana said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't care about the house either!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

Mmm. Blizzards. I love those. You've got you a good man.

Sniz said...