Grocery List: Candy, Beer, Candy, and more Beer.

Halloween for my son is so much different than Halloween for my daughters.

The girls always want to be something sweet and fun like a cowgirl, a princess, a ballerina, or an exotic dancer from De Ja' Vu.

My son always wants to be something with blood and guts dripping off of him.

This year Emma is going as a cowgirl/Cinderella. She could not decide which she wanted to be more so we just morphed the two costumes together. Now she looks like the cowboy from the Village People. Hope was going to be a 1920's Flapper Girl, but decided to be a Bears Fan instead. She even went to the orthodontist and had the colors on her braces changed to blue and orange for this costume.

Aaron is going to be an executioner. He has the mask, the black robe (which incidentally was his Priest robe for the All Saint's Day party this past Sunday... talk about an oxymoron!) and he has a big plastic ax to carry around. He always needs an accessory.

I am going to be a drunken housewife. I love Halloween!


The Redneck Princess said...

I hear the drunkin housewife costume is all the rage! I have a similar one picked out only it's called Wino Wife. HE!

Anonymous said...

In our neighborhood, the grown ups go "Trick or Drinking!"

Becky said...

My daughter is a scare crow this year, and my boys are the Red Power Ranger, the Blue Power Ranger and Batman!
I am going as the sick housewife this year. I have a cold so I am going to use that to my advantage this year!
The boys are more into super heroes still but I know there will come a year when they want the blood and guts as well!