It's Not Like I Am Asking To Get Pregnant Again...

My sister called yesterday. It seems that her mother-in-law, also a close and trusted friend of my husband and me, has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ouch!

They have a 10 month old German Sheppard named "Guinness" that now needs a new home-one that comes complete with little people to keep her occupied and a new jogger in the house to keep her exercised.

I instantly said "YES YES YES!!!"

I know we already have a dog who has staked her claim on this family, but I am sure she will be willing to share us... especially the little ones who pull her hair, dribble spit all over her and occasionally dress her up in doll clothes.

The only hurdle is my husband.

Now, usually I would go ahead and get this pooch while Carl is out of town or something... but I have turned over a new leaf and have decided to give him a second chance at saying yes (when I first mentioned it to him he said no, well actually, he said "Are you out of your mind?") He is just no fun.

I decided to hatch Plan B (as Plan A was simply telling him about the dog in hopes that he would agree and we would live happily ever after... but that one fell flat.) Plan B involves the children, pouting, whining, crying, begging and nagging... my kids are professionals.

If that does not work, I will hatch Plan C. Plan C involves nakedness and the lights on.

I am pulling out all of my resources here people!


Anonymous said...

Hee Hee, he doesn't stand a chance...hasn't he realized that by now?? Love You!

Kasia said...

Oooh, post pictures when the puppy comes home...notice I didn't say IF... :-)

Suburban Oblivion said...

Tell him how badly you want another baby, wait till he starts flipping out, and then tell him you'll settle for the puppy. Works for me ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. You are cracking me up!! Thanks for making me laugh!! ;)

the Mom said...

Just bring it home and wait for him to notice another dog in the house. It took my husband 36 hours to notice when we got our new one. By then, the "children" were attached and it would be cruel to make them give her up.

Lori said...

Sophie is going to be PO'd~!
Your going to be saying 'What the hell was I thinking' when your griping about the dog hair!

So what else is new...go ahead!
Love ya,

Sniz said...

If plan C doesn't work, NOTHING will!!

Jess said...

I will send Lori out to create another slip and slide

Anonymous said...

Wait. What is Jess saying here? Naked, the lights on, AND a slip and slide?

the Mom said...

Hey! I made your blogroll! Hooray for me! Thanks for that. I think I'll go have a drink in your honor.


the Mom

Cris said...

OK, anonymous people, I get really confused when you tell me you love me... you can either be my Aunt, my sister-in-law, or a stalker. Please clarify. Thanx

And the slip and slide thing did not work last time-I will have to share that memory in a upcoming post!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

You do whatcha gotta do!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

If you can't use it, why have it? You go girl. He doesn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous isn't me Crissy!
I'm just getting caught up on reading your blogs...and will obstain from comment...for now!
But I do love you!
Aunt Barbara
ps I hope you get the puppy!