I Shop At Tramps-R-Us...

I hate everything in my closet.

I have decided to get rid of all things that I hate in my closet... so now I will have to go to Church in a bathing suit.

Since I had Mary Claire 5 months ago, I have not been able to get back to the bulk of my wardrobe. I have gone to places like Target and Kohl's to buy inexpensive clothes to get me through these past months and I can't stand any of it anymore!

I have also come to the realization that before I had Mary Claire I was nice and skinny and I apparently dressed like a tramp because anything I try to put on from my "before Mary" days makes me look like I need to take my place at the corner of 5th and Broad and start saying things like "Do you need a date tonight handsome?"

I just lugged a big box up to my bedroom and I am just going to start pitching crap. That green tank top with the gold sequence-gone, those white Capri pants that require the use of no underwear-out the door, that black top with silver sparkles and no hope of covering the twins-rejected.

When I am done I am going to take all of this to Goodwill, because somewhere out there is a mom in denial who believes she needs a top that says "Blonds Have More Fun" and a pair of jeans that show her butt crack every time she bends over.


Momto5Minnies said...

AT least your husband didn't ask you if you were wearing a pajama top (mine did last weekend when I approached him on the soccer field). Of course it wasn't a p.j. top, but a nice(or so I thought) green GAP shirt. Suffice it to say that shirt has now been added to my pajama drawer.

I like to look young, but not "juniors" type young. The problem is some of these companies (even the spendy/trendy ones) are making shirts so darn thin that you can see through them if you hold them up to the light. And when they are that thin (and slim fitting) ... not always so flattering even for my almost "10" bod ;)

I find that I am very plain and simple, but if my husband comes shopping with me (not a common occurance), he actually picks me out some nice things.


Kasia said...

You know, it's increasingly hard to find clothes that aren't "juniors" young or "5th and Broad" trampy. They even sell the 5th and Broad clothes for very small girls...grrr...

Look - I'm a chubby chick with an overdeveloped sense of modesty. Where are my stores, dammit?! WHERE ARE MINE?! :-p

Kristina said...

My main problem? My husband wants me to look like a tramp... Yeah, like I really want to wear a 3" skirt to go bowling in. Doesn't he understand that other men will be there, too?

So, what do I do, buy two whole wardrobes?

Cris said...

Elaine... pj's? Don't you just love it when men say such tantilizing things? They are so perfect...

Kasia... have you ever looked at Jones New York? They have nice modest stuff there that does not make you look like a Granny...

Kristina... my husband likes me to look like a tramp as well (so does Elaine's apparently with the "pj's" comment) Today as I was pitching half of my wardrobe he kept pulling out things saying "This is my favorite! Why are you getting rid of this?" Uhm, because they are Daisy Dukes!

Star Molegraaf said...

I am still in denial- my baby is almost 4mos and I never loose weight while nursing. This however does not stop me from having a week here and there where I threaten a diet(that may last through lunchtime) and let my family know this time I'm getting serious. I have a separate closet for what I call my skinny girl clothes. I visit them regularly, give them a little dusting and even sing a little song...Mamma's commin back!!

Kristina said...

Okay, so I discussed this with my husband who said, "Your clothes aren't trampy. They're sexy!"

So, I asked him, "If they were on some other woman would you consider them trampy?"


See, he wants me to be trampy.

BTW I love Jones New York.

Anonymous said...

Why do women leave their sexuality and beauty behind after they have children? There is a fine balance between looking "modest" and looking FRUMPY.

For me, I found a compromise. I spent 3 RARE hours in TJMaxx last night, shopping between the "Juniors" department and the "Misses" department (whatever the heck that means). It's like a treasure hunt. The things I purchased from the Juniors department were definitely not the tiny, tight t-shirts and skimpy tank tops that wouldn't exactly do wonders for a post-partum belly with stretch marks. I am small enough to wear those clothes -- just not 12 years old enough. ;)

Anyway, the look I have chosen to go with in the latter years of motherhood (2 kids -- ages 10 and 5) is trendy and artsy -- and sexy in a totally different way. Not sexy in a plunging neckline, slit up to there kind of way. Sexy in a feminine, soft, Anthropologie kind of way. High heels and wide-legged jeans. An artsy cami and a really long summer scarf. Denim capris, an empire-waist, flowy cami and sexy sandals. A rustic necklace close to the throat and my hair up and tousled.

Hair! That's the other thing women give up. I had short hair forever, but at this point in my life (34), it is long and curly and wild, but it's mine...and I love it.

My better half describes my look as "artsy and comfy, but sexy". I couldn't ask for more!

I gave up clothes for a long time after my kids were born. It's nice to know that I can still be a mom....and be sexy...without being slutty. It's all about having the confidence to pull it off without feeling silly. Give it a try!