MaMa, You Smell Like Dog Poo and Toe Jam All Rolled Up In One!

Emma has a blanket that has been with her since the beginning of time. She received it from her Aunt Shannon before she was even born and it is a part of her being. She loves this blanket. It used to be all soft and pink, now it is rough and a dingy grey. Emma likes to suck on two of her fingers on her left hand, leaving her right hand to do all of the things needed throughout the day like eat, pick her nose, scratch her butt, and hold my hand. When she is not doing those activities, she is holding her blanket and stuffing it up near her nose to smell it. Some days I walk into the room and see her sniffing her blanket with her eyes rolled back into her head and she whispers to herself, "mmmm, that smells good."

I do not know how Emma can love this blanket. It is ugly and stinky. I mean, the smell is foul, but obviously love it blind... and has no sense of smell.

Every couple of days or so I sneak the blanket away from her while she is not looking. I toss it in the washing machine and put an extra scoop of soap in the water in hopes that the blanket will actually smell April fresh.

After Emma realizes that I have taken her blanket, she will whine and cry and start ripping at her clothes and speaking in tongues because I am washing her blanket and she knows that the smell will be gone from it.

The worst part is when her blanket will finally emerge from the dryer she will smell it and then hand it to me and ask me to hug it real tight so that it gets its smell back.

Now I ask you... what in the world do I smell like?


Momto5Minnies said...

For a second I thought you were going to take back your previous comment about the deodorant "working";)

My girls have all been attached to a blanket or silky of sorts. Sneaking it away to wash it has always been tricky.

Sniz said...

My kids LOVE the smell of their spit-soaked, dirty pillowslips and scream bloody murder when I try to wash them. That's just weird. And since they love to drag their pillow to Grandma's or Auntie's for sleepovers, their smelly, dingy pillowslips have the added appeal of making Mom look like a horrible mother who lets her children sleep in filth. Maybe that's why they do it?

blunoz said...

My youngest had a small, soft blanket-like cow (hard to describe - it was flat and about the size of a washcloth). Like your daughter and her blanket, he was continually attached to his cow. To make it worse, he liked to CHEW on the corner of his cow, so it got all soggy and REALLY started to smell. We had similar incidents of a very unhappy child when my wife stole it to throw in the wash. Then, thank the good Lord above, we found ANOTHER COW. I don't remember how or where, but this bizarre little thing that I'd never seen anywhere in any store, we found a second! Thereafter we worked very hard at making sure he never figured out there were TWO of them - one in the laundry and one in his possession. It worked great!

Cris said...

blunoz, I have a friend who's kid stuffs the corner of her blanket up her nose. That my friend is about as appealing as 'frumunda cheese.