You Know What the Kitty Said...

A while back I read an article about a tiny boat that the Coast Guard had recovered off the coast of Florida. It was full of Cubans trying to make their way to a better life in 'Merica. They were lost at sea for some time and they had run out of food. The only source of nourishment they had were the two women on board this little dingy that were lactating. When they found the boat, the article said that the women were in bad shape with bite marks all over themselves.

Today... I feel like I am lost at sea and feeding the entire boat!

My nipples are in PAIN! Good Golly Miss Molly... this is love I tell ya. I recall this dance with blinding pain with all of my babies and I am well aware of the fact that the pain will subside in a few days when my titties toughen up, but until then I keep telling myself to stay away from the Tequila... because although alcohol may dull the pain, it may very well get me pregnant again and in the same situation that I am in right now.

I remember when I was a little kid and I would ask my mom for some random thing and she would say no. I would complain and her response to me was always:
"You know what the kitty said"
To which I would say:
"What did the kitty say?"
And my mom would only tell me "Tough"
It was years later that I found out that the kitty said "Tough titty, but the milk is sweet."

Tough titty... boy oh boy.

I am in that stage where I go to nurse, I get all situated and ready to nurse, I position my precious little baby perfectly for a good latching, and then I wait... I have to talk myself into that actual "latch." I have to breath deep, say a prayer, coax myself into feeding and then eventually stuff this gawd awful big swollen nipple into my baby's tiny little mouth-that is no bigger than a bird's mouth. It is like stuffing John Candy into a pair of spandex pants... it is achievable, but it is a challenge... and it would probably work better with a gallon of oil.

So today's post in in honor of those poor Cuban women who had some tough titties when they were rescued-I can empathize with you. My baby may only be 8 lbs, but she can pack a mean suck that would put any hungry person lost at sea to shame.


Shauna said...

Oh, Cris. I can so relate! Elise has taken to nursing only on one side right now, so Righty is always engorged and Lefty's nipple is sore! It's helped me to take some Tylenol - it helps with the pain of the latch-on... Good luck!

Sister Mary Martha said...

Here's a great tip from a friend of mine. Don't cover up for about ten minutes after you nurse. You'll have great relief very very soon.

Michelle said...

Cris, I feel your pain. Or rather, I will be feeling your pain in five months or so. Those first few weeks are no fun. I highly recommend lansinol - that waxy stuff that the baby doesn't mind and really offers some relief.

Suzanne said...

Your description is so vivid that I can feel that pain I felt 13 years ago just like it was yesterday!
Yep, keep airing the girls out!
Just teasin ya! Take care, dear. :)

AuburnGalAlways said...

It took me about 3 weeks to toughen up enough to not WINCE AND GASP AND CLENCH MY JAW AND TOES IN PAIN when Lucky would latch on. He's 15 weeks and 17 lbs and makes googoo eyes at me when nursing. (I'm soooo in love.)

Lansinoh and TYLENOL!

So glad you're doing well and enjoying the little sweet one.

Toni said...

I am so glad I am done with all of this!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm with Michelle, Lansinoh works great (or just keep telling yourself that when you shell out 9 bucks for the stuff). I remember the "stomp o' pain" quite well (where you stomp one leg like crazy and cringe your teeth all the while not jiggling the baby so they don't re-latch). With the last two I also got a thrush infection. Sister, now THAT was indescribable pain. I'm on the weaning end of things now, though. Holymoly about that Cuban story. That sounds like an urban myth. Maybe I just WISH it was because it's just too awful to imagine. (shudder)

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Also, make certain Little Sweetie's bottom lip is curled OUT, not in. After the latch, gently pull down on her chin and make sure you can see the entire red part of her bottom lip. The immediate latch still hurts, but with the bottom lip out, it should get more bearable quickly.

Dana said...

I feel for you. I really do.

kristi said...

I had to pump, I couldn't get my son to latch on and I felt like my big ol' boob would smother him!