Have Milk, Will Travel...

Yesterday we decided to drive 150 miles to Norfolk VA to visit my husband's twin brother. Chet is in the Navy and his boat (ship? Aircraft Carrier?) is in port for the next week. We spent the afternoon touring the boat/ship/aircraft carrier and since it is a long weekend for the Navy, there was literally no one on board. It was like we had our own football field or two to explore. Very cool-very cool indeed.

Some things I learned:

  1. They no longer just dump everyone's poo out into the ocean. They now clean the poo and dump it. So if you were wondering why your fish was lacking a certain nuttiness lately... it may be because of the purified poo.

  2. You can get Comcast cable on board! Wow! I am glad we now offer the men and women who are fighting for freedom the same luxuries that we offer our inmates in the prison system.

  3. I got the same sense of pride when I walked across the deck of that aircraft carrier as I do when I would hear my husband's plane fly over our house 15 times a day. The sound of freedom is overwhelming to the heart of a military wife let me tell you...

  4. Never wear a skirt on a aircraft carrier... the steps are all slotted and people are always walking under you. Fortunately the Navy is full of gentlemen-and the boat was empty so no one saw that I was wearing my Tuesday labeled panties on Saturday. What a fashion no-no.

  5. Not all Navy guys look like Tom Cruise (but my husband and his twin brother do!) but I still had a fabulous time tossing out lines from the movie "Top Gun" all day.

My oldest can now say that she walked the deck of an aircraft carrier, my son can now say that he sat in the XO's chair in the "Ready Room" and our three year old can say that she almost got to touch the big bell on board, but was denied as she would have put many fingerprints on the shiny bell, and our wee one can say that she was nursed on the Harry S. Truman, and she left a stinky diaper behind... I wonder if it will be purified before it is dumped.


Toni said...

Yay! #2 is perfect!

Shauna said...

Nice list!
Your husband and his brother are hotties!