Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I recently received an email from a very good friend of mine. She came up with a great idea for this Mother's Day post...

She wrote:
"When you next add to your blog, I think you should ask your fans who has had the most unusual Mother's Day gift ever....I thought Dan had managed years ago when I received a rod and reel, but he's pretty well outdone himself this year! Yep, a Kubota Z turn mower to mark this very emotional day! He's often reminded me that I'm not his mother....true! So being the practical man he is, and the 3 acres my territory to care for, the mower makes perfect sense in this engineer's mind; what would Erma Bombeck have to say about this?
Happy Mother's Day !!

That got me thinking... although I personally have not received any "unusual" mother's day gifts, not because my husband is the world's best gift giver (if you have read this blog for long you would know that he is BAD at gifts... or even remembering my birthday for that matter) but I am sure there are some doozie gifts out there from the men that we have pledged our love and life to.

Father's Day is always a celebrations around here... Mother's Day, let's just say I am glad it falls on Sunday and can pray for my husband's speedy recovery at Mass.

So let me know ladies. The winner of the most unusual gift gets a prize... OK, no prize, but I will put you in my sidebar with a link to your blog I promise!


Toni said...

Hum... most unusual gift? From the Hubs?? Since this is the first year in three that he isn't deployed on Mother's day- it would have to be the completion of the 'honey do' list before he does deploy in a month. Pathetic, I know.

Have a great day!

Shae said...

Mine was a vacuum cleaner...

And sense I hate vacuuming this would seem like an awful gift. But actually it was very thoughtful. You see he bought a little vacuum cleaner that the children should be able to vacuum with.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

My hubs always makes a great attempt(...at calling my sister for ideas) but he always gives it away and ends up just telling me what I'm getting. Then, I say, "Nonono, don't get that, it's too expensive and impractical" and I end up shopping for myself...usually for flowers to plant...which I would have bought anyway. This year he took three of the kids grocery shopping for Rueben ingredients and cereal. I know it sounds lame-o, but it was WEIRD to be in the house all alone (two of them were babysitting at my sister's) and all I did was fidget because I had no one to take care of for one hour except me. It's different when I go somewhere alone, he let's me do that all the time. It's just eerie to be in a quiet house with no one to yell at to be quiet. Know what I mean? So I consider that my mother's day present this year.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say Congratulations on the birth of your little one! What a neat-o Mother's Day gift! :-) May you all be blessed with few late nights and easy feedings...

Well this year, I got a chicken wrap sandwich from Tim Horton's on the way home from Mass.

Odd, but very welcomed. I was sick and I was hungry.

Cris? I started my own show! Come over when you have 17 minutes and see the fun.
Have your speakers on.

Dana said...

I have never received an off the wall Mother's Day gift but I did get a riding lawnmower for my anniversary one year. Funny this is, I never get to use it. Before we got it, I always mowed the yard with a push mower. Now that we have the riding mower, hubs does it.