What is the Deal With Pantie Sizes?

OK, so I headed out to Target because frankly, I have no underwear! Well, I have maternity underwear, and non-maternity sexy underwear, but I have no underwear that I can wear TODAY. I am riding that fine line between heaven and hell... when your maternity panties are so big they give you saggy butt, and your pre-maternity panties are too small so they give you camel toe.

I was amazed at the amount of panties that Target has to offer. I have always been a Victoria's Secret girl, basically because I like to walk around in the mall with my VS bag so that people think I have a fabulous sex life. At VS, I know what my size is... they make it easy. Small, Medium, or Large. I should wear a small, but the mediums feel so good that I buy a large. That is how I roll.

At Target all of the panties had numbered sizes. Now, why in the world are pantie sizes different from the size of your Levi's? For example, I usually wear an 8 (but I will not even approach my size 8 pants in my closet yet as the swelling from childbirth is still affecting my butt) so I would wear a size 6 in underwear right? I am not really sure.

Do we live in Europe? NO-so why do we have different sizes for the same area of our body. In Europe I would wear a 26, or a 48, or possibly a 12... but never a 8. It is so confusing.

I was having a moral dilemma in the lingerie department of Target. Do I try on the panties to make sure they fit? And if you try on panties with the panties you have on already how do you really get an accurate assessment of the size you need? Personally, I would never try on panties at a store without my own panties still on-heck, I would never try on panties at a store! My sister-in-law did this once and I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever witnessed. I prefer the buy and see procedure. You buy panties, take them home and see if they fit... if they don't-you take them back. I wonder how many other people do that though, or how many people have tried on the panties in the dressing room--and I truly wonder how many women follow the rule that is plastered on the sticker in the crotch of the pantie that says to NOT try on without your own panties still on. Basically buying panties is much like spending the night at the Sigma Nu fraternity house... you don't know exactly what you are sitting in.

Ultimately I decided to go with the most sterile package of panties... the Hanes Her Way bikini, size 6, white. Sexaaaayyyyy! They were vacuum sealed so I figured this was my best bet and my safest defense against crabs.


Toni said...

There is nothing wrong with Hanes Her way! That's what I wear now!

Michelle said...

I never set foot inside the Sigma Nu house. Too scary.

And? Does your sexy white Hanes underwear fit? I usually look at the hip comparison chart and cry and go back to the saggy maternity underwear until I'm a smaller size.

AuburnGalAlways said...

4 months ago.... 4 LONG months ago, I had my baby. I was suckered into buying some bikini maternity panties. I'm still wearing them. I'm wearing about an 8 or 10 in jeans, but those maternity panties are still barely doing the job.

barely - haha! pun not intended, but enjoying it all the same.

so, I'm about to do what you did. I'm going to my W-M and find me some new panties. I'm thinking about trying some boy-cut ones for the sole reason that they prevent panty lines w/o forcing me to wear a thong - no thongs for me!

I hate buying underwear of any kind though. Which should be obvious if I've put it off THIS long.


Dana said...

That just made me never want to buy any panties that are not vacuum sealed again. I usually buy VS, but I don't think that I can anymore. Thanks.

Shauna said...

Ha ha ha! But so true about the sizes. What's up with that?

Cris said...

Yes Michelle... my sexay new white Hanes Her Way fit--although I do not look at all like Jennifer Love Hewitt in mine the way she does in hers! Commercials are just so cruel

Jennifer said...

I need new panties, too. I just don't want to know the size that I need now. So, I'll just stick with my old, elastic's shot, stained undies. Lovely!

Kasia said...

Pfft - my Jockeys For Her are already wearing at the waist, and I just bought them last summer. Either I have to learn to mend them or I need to buy cheaper underwear - they were too expensive to already be falling apart!

And I am so with you about panty sizes. I have never understood it.

tramp tracy said...

No way!!!! No way in hell would I *try on* panties....bleh, vomit.

I too just hope for the best and take them home with me...and if they don't fit....oh well.

I love the Old Navy panties...(they are a knock off on the expensive J.Crew ones) and the come sized correctly...S, M, L

I know I am a "M" so this makes life much easier!

moosh in indy. said...

I managed Frederick's for a while, the clitty litter left behind was enough to convince me to buy sealed undies too.

Cris said...

HAHAHAHA... still laughing about the "clitty litter"
Too funny, too damn funny