Are You Relaxed Honey? Is There Anything I Can Do For You?

OK, I need to rant. This is by no means the first time I have ranted about my husband and I am willing to bet that it will not be my last... but hopefully it will be my last rant during labor!

I have another Doc appointment today-I have been diligently working at getting this body of mine prepared to birth this baby. I have moved furniture, done laundry, cleaned out my closet and with each contraction I squat like I am in the weight lifting championships! I am moving and shaking and crossing my fingers...

My husband... he is golfing.

Now I ask you, why is it that men can always follow their OWN agenda and we (I) are stuck having to cater to the agendas of everyone else in the house? I mean, I may be going into labor ANY MINUTE NOW and I am running around making sure my daughter has her favorite pair of pink pants clean to wear with her pink shirt and pink flip flops and pink bow. Life as we know it would cease if she did not have this outfit on today. I am also getting the house ready for the cleaning lady--OK, I admit, many of you may be saying "What the hell are you complaining about? You have a cleaning lady!" But when you have a cleaning lady, you still need to get all of the junk up off the floor and back into it's original place. My kids also have ball games and piano recitals in the next 48 hours so that means I have to make sure there are people to drive them to such activities and that their uniforms are cleaned and ready... and laid out, because heaven forbid I just put it in the drawer and my son cannot find his red socks because he would never think to look in his sock drawer!

But my husband... he is golfing.

He is obviously going to have a tough day. He is obviously going to have to push something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of an orange. He is obviously preparing himself for a marathon of pain... by golfing.

I should have woken up today and gone to the salon. I should have gotten a massage this morning and a facial. I should have gotten my toes done and a bikini wax... but I would never do that. Why is that? I would feel incredibly guilty if I took the morning off and did something for myself? How screwed up is that??

But my husband... he is golfing.

He just walked in and saw that I am in a mood... a "maybe I need to leave her alone" mood. He looked over my shoulder to see what I was talking about today and he said "Don't say mean things about me!"


He then decided to rant himself... it went something like this:
"I can golf if I want to! This is MY house! I pay the bills, buy the food, pay for everything! I am the man of this house! I can do what I want!"

To which I looked at him and busted out laughing... He quickly apologized for his hilarious rant and decided he better go get some work done before I turn into Sybil.

He just checked my temperature because he claims that women in labor are "hot" He is sooo trying to win me over.


Dana said...

Sounds like he has some major sucking up to do today!

Toni said...

Make him put out. That will do it!

Jennifer said...

He's golfing?

Oh no he isn't.

Not cool!

He OWES you!

AuburnGalAlways said...

I am SOOO on your side. I get the guilt trip about the silliest of things. Should I have really bought that tube of hair styling stuff? Should I really be sitting on my butt blogging? Shouldn't I be folding clothes? Shouldn't I be planning MENUS?

My husband... he golfs too. and hunts. And buys 3 boxes of golf balls and brags about it. No, he doesn't golf that much, he just loses that many balls!

I miss being able to terrify my husband with my pregnancy. I only have a small amount of postpartum depression to use to my advantage. So, use the Terrifying Pregnant Woman Act as long as you can!

Thinking about you.

Jennifer at Playgroups are no Place for Children is about to have her 2nd any day now too. http://playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren.blogspot.com/

Kara said...

I'm with you. How men can just live their lives on their own agenda is beyond me...while we worry and coordinate and get ready...they go forkin' golfing. I will never, ever understand men. Ever.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

It just takes more time, that's all. My husband used to to things like that. Not anymore. I think it just takes men longer to "get it" that life isn't just about them, and the wife and kids aren't just more accomplishments they had achieved. Eventually it sinks in that he is needed more than he realized. Usually by child number 6 or so, I would say. When I think back, I shudder. My hubby is much more attentive now, after 14 years and seven children. Just keep reminding him, and loving him, and he will get it someday.

elaine said...

You are quiet ...

Maybe a BABY????????

Lady Tramaine said...

Wow - even though I haven't ever been in labor, I feel your pain! Good luck with the new baby!

Shauna said...

Oy. I hope he did something wonderful for you in return. And he'd better not be golfing when you're in labor!

Toni said...

Hmmmm.... You are very quiet. Is there a new member of the family?? Hope all is well!

Suzanne said...

Where is Cris...hmmmm...:)
Praying everything is going okay.
God bless your family! :)

Chess Openings Guru said...

Yikes. Being a married man myself... I don't know what to say. I fear that my comment will get attacked no matter what! Mary Poppins is right, though. It does take time to finally decide on what you expect of each other.

If he NEVER caters to the agendas of others in the house, well, then that's a problem.

But whenever I'm in a situation where I want to rant about my wife, I stop. Why am I feeling this way? Is it really because of what she is doing or is it because of something else? How do I FEEL and WHY do I feel that way?

And on top of that, I try to put myself in her shoes. One of the best ways that I know to resolve a conflict is to actually try and CONVINCE yourself to agree with the other person. It helps encourage forgiveness and humility in the relationship. It makes the situation a lot more kind and it helps you get across your point without having to argue.

Talk to him!

But don't yell at him...