Where Have You Been?

I don't have to tell you that life is crazy... but life is crazy.

I am trying to be Supermom and I would say that so far... I am almost there, aside from the drunken stupor I was in on Wednesday night, but it was Wednesday-what else was I supposed to do?

The kids had fun drawing on me with markers... see, we do arts and crafts too!


I have not forgotten you.

I know what day it is... if is FRIDAY, and I know that on Fridays I like to toss out some world news so we feel a little more "informed"

But nothing jumped out at me unless you want to hear about the fact that the Black Hole has the same appetite as my son and eats up to 2 EARTHS a day! Sheesh... and I thought I had a large grocery bill!

Or how about the fact that Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are fighting like little girls with their press on nails out. Oh the eye liner will be a' runnin' on this one-I can tell!

And then there is the story about Lee Iacocca losing a chunk of his pension and his life long company car because of Chrysler's bankruptcy. Sigh. So now instead of being a billionaire, he will have to settle for being a multimillionaire. Times are rough people!

But that is all boring stuff... and the rest of the news-the stuff that tells us about national security and the economy, well that was all boring too.

The real reason I came into the Six-Pack on this beautiful Friday is because I didn't want to forget to give you this:

Have a great Friday ladies!


powdergirl said...

Dear June 'she's a busy broad' Cleaver,

Whew, I was stalking the mascots webpage, (just because I realize that you can't do it ALL, and thought you could use a little help with your 'research') and for a minute there I thought he'd been replaced by a horse! And not in a good way.

A most disconcerting moment in an already confusing life.

Much as I love horses.....

Anonymous said...

Is that Ward? It sure looks like him. Oh My! So happy Ward is yours...and I have my Donald Duck.
Aunt Barbara
ps Hello to all the Cleaver kids.

Soliloquy said...

Oh June, I miss you most of all.

Can we at least blame the hot yoga?

It makes me feel so much better to say "I told you so".

Urban Mom said...

Good to see you again, June! Awwww, poor Adam has his panties in a bunch. Then again, maybe he likes 'em that way. Love the new graphics on the right-side column!