One Small Step For Teenagers... One Giant Leap For Hormones

Last night was Hope's eighth grade graduation... you heard me right, they have graduation for eighth graders now. Back in the day when I was leaving eighth grade, we simply walked out of the building and were told to not screw up our lives in high school by doing drugs and having sex. There was no pomp and circumstance.

But like I always say... times have changed.

After the graduation Mass there was a dance for the kids. I signed up to chaperone because Hope LOVES it when I do those kinds of things... and when the music started I just couldn't help myself and I felt to need to move a little to the music-just sway, maybe tap my foot... nothing obscene-but Hope told me that I had to sit in the corner and not move at all.

What a party pooper.

So after sitting there with a girlfriend for a little bit, we noticed that there were PLENTY of chaperones and so she and I went across the street to drink for 2 hours while the party was going on.

It was one of the best eighth grade graduations ever.

Oh relax, I only had one beer... okay, two. Oh, and we had crab dip-so that made the trip worth it. Although, they served it with pita bread and I prefer lightly toasted baguette... but I am not one to complain. Ever. (giggle)

I walked back in the party I noticed all of the kids were in one big mosh pit in the corner of the dance floor. I knew exactly what they were doing in that tight circle they made... I know because I was once 14 and I remember-like a freakin' elephant I remember-they were "dirty dancing" up in that circle. Nobody puts Baby in a corner. a-hem.

One mom walked over to me and said "I don't know why they are dancing in that circle like that."


What happened to moms today? When did they forget what it was like to be a teenager with hormones raging and the need to dance and flirt and laugh and like boys and giggle and try and pull one over on the chaperones at the cafeteria dance?

I wonder what it is like to go through life with blinders on...

Anyway, when Hope was done taking pictures of everyone and getting everyones phone number programed in her cell phone because they are going to be life long friends and blah blah blah... we went home.

As we were walking into the house she turns to me and says "Mom... do you know what "grinding" is?"

Me: "Yes Hope... I invented grinding."

Hope: "Gross... thanks a lot mom for that image."

Me: "Anytime."

Kids.... they think they are Neil Armstrong.



FLYNAVY said...

Miss Cleaver,
Congrats & B-Z on Hope's graduation & hope Mr Cleaver is enjoying the pics while he gets some bad guys. Sucs to think of the milestones we miss.
On the subject of grinding, always wondered who I needed to thank for inventing that dance move so thanks, takes alot of practice & training for some of us.
& while my perv is showing, I don't remember 8th graders being that well developed back in the dark ages when I was an 8th grader.

TheSeeker said...

Oh wow, I never realized how much she looks like you until I saw that pic at the top of your entry. Lord have mercy on us all--another Cleaver woman has been unleashed into high school!! ;-)

Cathy said...

My daughter graduates 8th grade next week. The big deal here, so far, is the dress. Everyone has to show off their dress for graduation. My daughter has been sending pictures of her dress to friends and they're sending pics of their dresses to her. The crazy thing is, the dresses are practically identical. The junior departments in the stores are all carrying the same stinkin' dresses. sheesh. We looked at 27 variations of the same dress before she picked one out.

Like you, June, we just walked out the door.

Enbrethiliel said...


Congratulations! Hope is a beautiful girl. You must be so proud. =)

That Girl said...

lmao at I invented grinding.

powdergirl said...

She made you "not move" while all the other kids were dirty dancing?
Hardly seems fair, you shoulda had a least 5 beer for that.

Melissa said...

I heard you invented margaritas, too.
No wonder why I've always liked you!

june "modern madam curie" cleaver said...

Oh yes... and I definately invented Margarita Night!

And Buzz... it is all the steroids that they put in the food that cows eat that comes through their milk that we are feeding to our children-damn cows.

Anonymous said...

June, as a middle school math teacher, students are constantly amazed that I know what I know. Take, for example, passing notes. Acting like they are getting up to sharpen a pencil and then dropping the note as they walk by their friend, please. Like we were born as adults. Sheesh, a little credit please.


Layna said...

U 2 are total twins! Smart way you utilized your free time to quench your thirst. 8th grade graduation??? we were lucky to get "Here's the door, don't let it hit you in the a*@ on your way out and we'll see you back next fall." Glad to have you back!

warren said...

I am always amazed at how forgetful some adults are too...and how shocked that their kids do the same crap they did when they were younger. My son dropped the f-bomb (and taught it to my daughter, thank you very much) and as I was telling the story to everyone I could, so many people were shocked. I mean, it's a good word...and one their mother uses all the time (smile). I am just thrilled that my kids now get to share it with all their friends to horrify other parents. Ok, so I am not thrilled that my kids now know most of the bad words, but really, who doesn't enjoy a good cuss now and then? Same goes for all the other stuff too. I don't get how one can forget being all pimple-faced and having to be careful in a stiff wind for fear of embarrassing oneself...hormones are powerful stuff and certainly made an impact on me that I won't ever forget!

the Mom said...

And here I thought that we invented grinding, although my mom always called it the "Dirty Frog Dance". That name was a nice visual too.

momto5minnies said...

WOW ... your daughter is a mini you, but I'm sure a lot more innocent ;)

You are blessed my friend!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Sounds like a fun night was had by all. Your baby girl is just beautiful.

Cousin Steve said...

Can you please put something in her food to slow down this "growth" thing. I simply cannot believe that Hope is now a high schooler.

WTF Jimmy!!

I'm having a moment here.

Talk amongst yourselves....

The Farmer's Wife said...

Congratulations Hope! She is gorgeous momma look out!

Sarah said...

I swear...you are so darn funny. Nothing like honesty...the best medicine!