A Confusingly Hot Monday Swoon...

Okay, so I was talked into going to see Terminator Salvation with Aaron yesterday. I have seen all Terminators for one reason and one reason alone...
but I have never really understood the story line. The time travel, the terminators, Sara Connor's biceps... it was all confusing to me, but I watched them because I am the mother of a boy and that is what you do when you have a boy, you watch movies that make no mother loving sense to you.

Well this one was no exception. I prepared myself first by reading up on it-trying to get my mind in a "Okay, I am a college graduate, I can figure this story out" mode.

It didn't help.

First of all... who is Marcus Wright and where does he come from? What did he do that caused his brother to be killed and for him to be executed? And why is he even in the story? I have not figure that out-except for the fact that he is HOT! Yes... H.O.T.

And what is up with Helen Bonham Carter (Dr. Serena Kogan)? First she has cancer and then she is the evil mind behind Skynet? WTF Jimmy! What is her purpose in all of this? How did she find Marcus and that kiss in the beginning-gross. That is all I am going to say about that.

Okay, now... John Connor. How did he come to be in a time when he is an adult and his father is a teenager and he has to rescue him? I mean-hello!? Where is the time machine? And another thing-why is everyone dirty? Don't they have water? It rains so you would think they would have water considering they have high tech computers and can travel in time-but a shower? Maybe that is too advanced.

My biggest question is this... and if you can answer it I will love you forever (not really, but I will be able to look at Aaron and say "See! I told you so!") Is Marcus Wright supposed to be a young version of Arnold's Terminator? I mean-he wears leather pants like Arnold does so I assume that means they are the same person, because who in their right mind would wear leather pants and run around getting all dirty and sweaty? There is too much in common there. And doesn't John Connor always send back Arnold (see-there is that time travel thing again... BUT WHERE IS THE TIME MACHINE?) and didn't Marcus and John become friends and weren't they "together" in the end? Hmmm? I think I am right... but what do I know-I basically went for the hot men.

All I know for certain is that whatever master mind in Hollywood said "Hey! Let's make a movie and put a sweaty Christian Bale in it and a sweaty Sam Worthington in it for the ladies." He (or she) is a genius! A FREAKIN' GENIUS!

I mean, just look at him... Christian Bale could be in a movie about killer zombies with prosthetic legs and a desire to make all human beings purple and I would go see it. Yes, I would.

And this guy-who is he? Where did he come from? How has he not been on the Six-Pack radar? Well... thank God we found you Sam Worthington and rest assured stud, you will always have a place on the Monday Swoon. Mercy.

Now if you will excuse me... I have to go see if John Connor's pregnant wife ever has that baby and if so, does that mean there will be more Terminator movies to make me confused and turned on all at the same time.

God I love Summer Blockbusters that make no sense!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog.
This guy-Sam will be in the new Clash of the Titans. Hot guys wearing togas!

CI-Roller Dude said...

Hey, We have the Gov-en-ator in Calif. Most of us wish he would have continued just making bad movies and talking funny in Hollywood instead of Sacramen-wood. He's really screwed up our economy...

Schmoochiepoo said...

I gave up trying to follow the story lines long ago.

I am willing to show some of those hotties how to take a shower and scrub them real good. *sigh*

Uptown Girl said...

I went to see that movie last night too... soooo stupid it was laugh out loud funny. I saw that kiss at the beginning and started cracking up!

OMG I am officially head over heels in love with Sam Worthington. In love. Even if he can only stay in the American accent for half the movie.

Thanks for the Monday Swoon June!

Jim H said...

My wife and I took our 15 year old to see TS yesterday and as we were leaving he was griping about how it wasn't so good. Then later in the day he went with his sister to see Star Trek - amazingly, he came home from that (hating it) saying he wanted to go see TS again since it was so much better than Star Trek.

Don't you just love the paradox of fictional time travel? It's like that song they sing in the South "i'm my own grandpa"

momto5minnies said...

I have no boys ... this movie is very foreign to me.

ALTHOUGH, that Christian Bale (bad boy that he is) ... quite attractive.

Anonymous said...

We opted for "A Night In The Museum" and really enjoyed it.
Among many other enjoyable parts I enjoyed the part where famous paintings come to life. Very cool!
A geat sequel that stands on its own.
Hope you all get a chance to see it.
Have a great week.
Aunt Barbara
ps We attended a very nice, well attended, Memorial Day Service at the "Dough Boy" statue in our city.

Anonymous said...

See, I don't get these things either. My hubby is of course all into these types of movies and I always get lost. Doesn't take much but still, I don't understand.
I would say that I like a movie to be believable but I love Twilight and I have yet to meet a Vampire but still, there is the whole love story part that is believable. So, take that into consideration. But still, robots and time travel and all that jazz, totally loses me every time. Hot guys, hot guys I get so will sit still until they're off the screen again and that's when I used the bathroom or go get my popcorn. HAHA!

FLYNAVY said...

Miss Cleaver,
Hey, don't ask me about the plot in T. Still working on why Jack & Jill went up the hill....don't think it had anything to do with fetching water. Seem to be in a kid's movie going mode & Harry Potter movies [@ least they have a plot I can follow & almost no blood & gore]. T looks like a good movie though.
& hear a rumor that you're running in 2012, plan on my vote...early & often [in a nonpartisan political way of course].

blue_eyed_mom said...

I saw hot yoga in a show called, dead like me! the instructor died showing someone how to do a yoga pose...yikes watch out for those yoga poses. but i had to laugh, i had never heard of hot yoga till you mentioned it and now i see it all the time!

wankette said...

You DO know how to suss out the good ones, girl -- I'll give you that!

powdergirl said...


rita said...

Hot guy = eye candy. No need for a plot! I couldn't follow one anyway.

I'm way behind here, but my dear, have you seen the photos of Edward in Italy? I mean, good Lord, when he takes his shirt off prior to stepping into the town square, I just drool. The boy has some muscles. And really low-riding pants.........