No Blood Test Required... They Are Mine

I love Saturdays in the Spring... why? Because of ball games of course. I love to watch Aaron play like he is a man-I swear to God that they look like the majors out there.

I really love to watch Hope because she reminds me so much of myself when I was her age-a real smart ass, pain in the butt, know-it-all, who has the gumption to back up her attitude. Come to think of it... I am not sure I ever grew out of that stage.

Today as I sat in the stands and watched my daughter saunter up to home plate in order to bat and I had to chuckle at her arrogance. She is intimidating in all 5 foot 2 inches of her bad self. She puts her right hand up to the Ump letting him know that she is not ready and everyone needs to wait for her. I love that move-I patented that move when I was her age.

The pitcher throws the ball across the plate and it is down at her ankles. Hope looks at the pitcher and laughs. She is such a little shit.

The next pitch comes across at the same place only this time the catcher screams "SWING" at Hope just as it is going across the plate. Hope backs out of the batters box and puts her hand on her hip and says "I don't swing at bad pitches, your pitcher needs to give me something I can hit."

To which the catcher says something and then Hope says something until the Umpire has to tell them to tone it down or they will be going home.

Now, at this point, most moms would be in the stands either calling the Umpire a blind bat or burying their heads in their hands... but I don't do either of these things. My Hope can take care of herself, she does not need me to defend her or to be embarrassed by her. I know this because she is confidently arrogant-just like I was.

I turned out alright right? RIGHT?

I know where this spitfire comes from and I blame mine on my little sister and my father. My father because I am exactly like him and I know this because I have seen him throw rocks at neighbors and get in altercations over parking spaces. A-hem. I blame my little sister because she was a big WIMP growing up and she was cute as a button and mean girls liked to pick on her and she would come running to me and I would go defend her the best way I knew how-by calling them names and beating them up.

I have since resolved my anger issues.... but I still have that little devil on my shoulder that tells me I am one bad ass. I like him-I think I'll keep him.

Yep, there is no doubt that Hope is my daughter. She is also kind and smart and a wonderful big sister... which have always been the reasons why I have wondered if she was switched at birth. Thank God her attitude shines through and I can smell her arrogance coming a mile away.

God love her and God help anyone who gets in her way.



Layna said...

LOL hilarious! The picture you have painted is priceless [and a little familiar]. God bless her - June and Ward need not worry. The boys that *try* to date her will have their work cut out for them. She will no doubt take care of herself. And isn't that what we all hope as 'rents? Good job, momma June!

Paula said...

"confidently arrogant"...God Bless her!

Urban Mom said...

She sounds like her mom has taught her well! Good work, June!

powdergirl said...

She sounds like a great kid, June.
And absolutely, a girl needs to 'grab a pair' and flaunt em'.
Shows the world not to F**k with you.

Anonymous said...

Yep, yep. See a bright future for Hope as a NFO [Naval Flight Officer].....or Israeli Mossad. Arrogance, tude, athlete...check.

Janeabelle said...

Gotta love a girl who can take care of herself!

BTW, I saw this:


and thought of you. You've probably seen it. It's super sweet & a must share.

Alicia said...

June, it's Monday. 12:57pm to be exact. Are you ill, June? Did the pigs get you? Are we now banned from swooning for fear of spreading swine? Where's the swoon, June? Just askin'. Cause I'm concerned for your well-being like that.

MKHKKH said...

Don't you just love it when you see yourself in your offspring? It has started happening to me now that the kids are getting older. It is humbling and evokes some weird pride. America needs more confident girls like Hope!