Freakin' Whiners...

Okay... who writes this blog? Do you write this blog? Do you? Huh? Do you?


But, I always try to make everyone happy.

It is a vice of mine.

So I try my darndest to find the best Swoon pics out there... but EVERY MOTHER LOVING MONDAY there is someone who is not happy.

"That swoon was wonderful June... but could you maybe read my mind next time and put so-and-so on there?"

and even...

"WTF June! Where in God's great earth is so-and-so? I can't believe you forgot them!"

The nerve of me.

Yesterday I was in a bad mood-I mean, it was one of those bad moods that make children, small animals and men run in the other direction when they see me coming.

It was so bad, that I was "shuush'd" by my yoga instructor on more than one occasion because I was mumbling to myself about "life" and "crap" and "who does he think he is?" and "who needs clean underpants anyway." type of things.

I had a really bad muscle ache in my upper back as well that made me even more pissed off. The nerve of my body to declare war on my mind by starting my menstrual cycle AND having a pulled muscle that made is hard for me to breathe.

Sure that pulled muscle may or may not have come from a fall that I may or may not have had this past weekend at a bar where I may or may not have had Southern Comfort shots with Coke chasers (4 or 5 of em) but that is irrelevant.

Anyway, I come home to be greeted by my little cyber blogging friend Soliloquy telling me that I have LOST MY EDGE because I missed out on Wentworth Miller.... and then Warren said he would become GAY for Wentworth Miller! Holy Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell Batman!

So here... just because I love you and I have not lost my edge-I give you two whiners Wentworth (what mother names their kid Wentworth?) I admit... he is kinda cute-in a freakin' hot kind of way.

And Aunt Barb had issue with the fact that Daughtry was not on the list... but he made it last week and I try not to duplicate two weeks in a row (unless you are Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Willis, Gerard Butler, or Robert "he loves me" Pattinson)

But since I love my Aunt Barb and she always looks at me and smiles in a way that makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and loved, I will give her a little Daughtry to make her smile.

That's the kind of girl I am.

Nice... but with a freakin' edge, so in the future, if you do not like the Monday Swoon-by all means let me know about it. It will give me something to bitch and moan about and we all know that if I don't have something to bitch and moan about-well, I just ain't havin' any fun then am I?

And "Southern MN Gal" since you were so sweet to thank me for the bald Edward Norton-and you did mention that it was your BIRTHDAY... no one gets by the Six-Pack on their birthday without a little present from me.

Enjoy! Nothing like a bald man in the middle of the street in his boxers wielding a gun. Just makes you all happy inside doesn't it?


TheSeeker said...

Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Miss Cleaver,
Not to burst your bubble but didn't spend alot of time on the whole swoon thing the other day. But, was just glad I didn't see any more Naval Aviators in skivies [hope you deleted all of em btw].
Sorry you're not feeling 100% but just some advice, you better give all the ladies [& Warren] on here what they want. I've learned in the last married 8 yrs [& all 8 have been good yrs] of life that it's always easier to give them wimmen what they want, in any manner they want it, for as long as they want it, life will be easier & nobody gets hurt.
[& for the record, white boxers in the middle of the street, discharging a weapon will get you arrested in Virginia, they're kinda sensitive about that].

Phat Mama said...

Love Daughtrey, meeeowww.

Uptown Girl said...

Mrs. Cleaver- thank you thank you thank you for officially making this my most swooniest week of May!
And FlyNavy- do you have single friends who think the way you do and look like any of the Monday Swoons?

powdergirl said...

And here I was just thinking " Were the hell are the half naked Navy men?"
Guess I'm just shit outta luck today.

powdergirl said...

Um, so, upon returning to read the comments section of your post, I become aware that I may be posting vaguely lascivious comments about photos of someone you actually know IRL, and who reads here, as well.

Pardon one whilst one slinks back to ones own blog to document, but not likely publish, a tribute to ones own idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks June for making me happy, happy,happy!
I love you,
Aunt Barbara

Soliloquy said...


You MIGHT just be my FAVORITE person on the planet.

Can I tell you the pure, unadulterated JOY I felt when I scrolled down and saw my Michael Scofield?? My Wentworth? (Oh Wentworth... please, don't be gay. Please.........please.just. don't.)

Well done, June. I am forever indebted.

I just scared the bejeezus out of my entire family with a sudden outburst of uncontrolled hysterics.

Good thing I'm wearing a pantyliner.

And NOW, I will whine some more.

You have tempted me and led me astray into the sin of LUST......

Darn you, June.

june "going to heaven because she is a giver" cleaver said...

no worries powdergirl... Buzzy likes the attention-he is in the Navy and we all know that Navy boys are attention whores.

Swoon away over him-but I have to admit that I did delete all photogs I had of him... one really good one too... shucks.

I was smart and printed them before I deleted them-

Rock on Air Force!

Solil--party down with your damn self. Lust is just a four letter word-no worries.

and my phone number is 1-800-hot-babe. try it... you'll see.

warren said...

June - what you did...it brought a tear to my eye. You are such a giver...a true humanitarian for sure! In fact, you are more selfless than even Angelina (plus you don't have those big nasty lips).

Keep up the beautiful work! It doesn't go unnoticed!

Layna said...

Nice spanking June and double swoon. Could those printed fotos of Buzzy be scanned for more viewing pleasure? Just a thought ;-)

Anonymous said...

Miss Cleaver,
Hey, don't give the entire USN a bad rap...just us drivers are the attn ho's. Thanks for deleting the drunken hot tub pics [Jenifer A. made me do things that I don't usually do & it's all your fault].
& for the record you have more tolerance for whiners than I ever had. Carry on.

wank"also a crank"ette said...

I'll just leave the six-pack very quietly next to the Midol, and go.

Anonymous said...

AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! When i saw a message on your blog just to dear old me, I almost died...and to have it be in your actual POST for the day - WOO-HOO!!! Lemme tell ya - if that bald, armed, boxer-wearing He-man of a man is sold in department stores, I'll take 2 or 3 please...and don't even bother wrapping them...grrrr! June, you're the best! A birthday present and "one for the road" - you're too good to be true!Southern MN Gal

Jennifer said...

I was a Wentworth "virgin" until this moment. Now, I feel I must Google obsessively... I sorta like his name. I'm thinking (hoping) his mother was a J Austen fan and decided to name him after a very deserving character. Plus, it gives you a reason to call him "captain..."

Lovin' the Swoon,

powdergirl said...

Oh, okay then. I'll come back out of my drafts section now. Thanks.

This is to be the last comment I make on His Naval Hotness. Promise.

I clicked on the FN avatar and up popped a picture of a RIPPED bare chested hand standing man.

Is that for real? Holy crap, lady, you are in good company!

Cheers to Fly Navy.

june "shaking her head at Buzzy" cleaver said...

Powdergirl... oh my. I don't go over and look at Buzzy very often because-well, it is distracting, but after you mentioned a bare chested hand standing man-well I had to go see what the fuss was all about.

Buzzy-you are one big attention grabbing whore.

I am so posting that buddy... but I wont use your name I promise.

Thnx powder for bringing this to my attention. You have upheld the basic Six-Pack rules of engagement-if it must be documented... it must be documented.


Anonymous said...

Sweet mother of GOd. I WAS sick. I totally missed this. Actually, I'm quite weak still so weak I couldn't look at all the pictures. I'll have to come back when my whitebloodcell count is more normal...*drool*

Pamela McCurry Robbins said...

LOVE your blog and pictures! I have my own (lame) blog, but I have told my friends to ignore mine and read yours!!! Or, at least look at the pictures!!