Blogging Break Open Thread...

Listen folks... life is a bit hairy right now and I need a break. Just a little one-maybe I'll be back in an hour-maybe I'll be back in a week. We'll see. I just need to rest my eyes for a bit.

No worries... The Six-Pack will be back on track in no time.

In the meantime-if you have something you want to say, put it in the comments and we'll see where it goes from there.

Smell ya later! And for you men out there... yes, it is illegal.


wank "currently doing Ken Branagh in my dreams" ette said...

Babe, you deserve it. Let your hair down & open that crate of shot glasses I sent you.

momto5minnies said...

BREAK????... you mean that this time of the year might just be a little CRAZY for you?
Summer's comin'

Anonymous said...

Miss Cleaver,
Yesterday was a tuff 1 for all of us. Personally I find it helps to remember fondly the suckiest situation I've been in in the last year then put on my big girl panties & carry on.....but a big stiff drink couldn't hurt either. & having my kids read "me" a bedtime story is a cool way to end the day. Stay safe & come home soon.

Layna said...

No worries. Even June needs a time out, preferably with cocktails. Go and come back refreshed. Only a few weeks until all the kids are home for the entire summer. You'll have plenty to say then ;-)

Melissa said...

June, do you need bail money?
Come back soon! Not sure what kind of crap my Monday will look like without a swoon!

powdergirl said...

A very sad situation. Have a drink on me.

Alicia said...

Oh, June, honey! You definitely deserve a break. And it may be 8am here, but I just want to tell you that "this Bud's for you!"

PS. You will be back for the Monday swoon, right?

mommiebear2 said...

We'll be here as soon as you come back! :)

Jess said...

Well June, lately I've been too busy (read; lazy) to read any blogs but yours. So now I'll take a break from them all and hopefully we'll both come back feeling refreshed. Enjoy your time away - it's your blog, you call the shots. Ooh, shots! Yummy.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! I am sure that you of all people could use a break. But I must say that I'll miss ya.

You turned me onto Robert Pattinson (thanks by the way...so hot! I even tried to find your email just to tell you thanks so much for telling us about Twilight), yoga (can't say I'm lovin' but will thoroughly if I can lose even an ounce...it has to happen! LOL!), and so, come back to us when you can. Know how it is to be busy and can't blame ya a bit.

Me personally, love ANY swoons you put up. Can't say there has been a time that I looked at them hot men and thought, "Ugh, coulda done better there." Nope, thoroughly thrilled each time!


Anonymous said...

June, let's talk about Edward some more. I just saw Twilight for the first time... sigh...


Uptown Girl said...

I miss you already June... Hope everything is ok. I will just have to dedicate even more posts to in your honor while you are away.
Come back soon!!!

Anonymous said...

You deserve a break today, so get out and get away...
Gee, that sounds like a McD's commercial doesn't it!
Take care June and don't come back until you are refreshed. We will make do by reading "comments" while you take a well deserved break.
Take care of yourself...we love you.
Aunt Barbara

Melissa said...

Breaking news!
June, did you see that Gerard Butler punched some guy and is in trouble? I LOVE A BAD ASS!

Phat Mama said...

I'll be right here waiting for you to get back!

Stacy C. said...

I'm on to you June Cleaver!

I just discovered it's Rob Pattinson's 23rd Birthday today. That's when I started putting two and two together. Are you in Vancouver? I'm almost afraid to turn on the news. Afraid that we might see you getting arrested for tracking that fine specimen of a man down to give him his Birthday present.

Do we need to contact Ward? Was the Matthew Swoon a hoax?

We six-packers will back you up no matter what, but PLEASE, next time let us know what's REALLY going on. I know of a certain RN who would have been more than happy to accompany me to Vancouver to meet you so if you are checking your blog let us know if you need any help or bail money. ;)

Kelli said...

Enjoy your break!

Of course, there had better be a swoon on here come Monday - that's the best part of my Monday! If you need to double up on the Matthew Swoon, I completely understand and encourage you to follow your heart. It's okay with me. :)

Layna said...

June, here is an audio swoon for you to enjoy during your respite. Matthew doing his beef schtick. The irony is endless. Enjoy! link attached:


powdergirl said...

I believe "June" is feeling the effects of the Baghdad tragedy. You can read about it just about anywhere. A member of the US Navy shot and killed 5 other members of the US military at a counseling facility in Iraq. That's the bare bones of it, google it for more.
I can't pretend to understand what servicemen and their families go through at times like these.
I just extend my sympathy and respect.

rita said...

Take care, sweetie.

Cousin Steve said...


I just get back from my small little short miniature teeny minuscule meager diminutive break and now your on hiatus? I know I was gone for two months, but your the yin to my pepper. The Sonny to my carrots. The fork to my thread. The key to my potatoes. That's right I said it! Poe-tae-toes. And I don't care who knows it!!

I really don't know what that stuff means, but come back soon.

If you don't come back soon, everybody will expect me to do the Monday Swoon.

You don't really want me to do the Monday Swoon do you?

Oh the horror.

But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I will start doing searches on Google for pics now.

Rachel said...

we interrupt the long term lurkage for the following message:
I am going through June withdrawal big time but I totally understand the need for a break...hope all is well with you...take all the time you need but know I am a twitching drooling mess until you return :)

oh yeah and nice to meet'cha

Anonymous said...

Hey, hello Cousin Steve, good to hear you again. Love you much!
Aunt Barbara

FLYNAVY said...

Miss Cleaver,
Happy Armed Forces Day to you & that Zoomie guy of yours. Thanks from all us Navy guys & may God bless you & family.

Cousin Steve said...

I feel a Monday Swoon a-brewin'. Cousin Steve Style. Buckle your chin straps ladies. I just might have to bring it with a capital "B".

That's right! Chin straps and stirrups. You heard me. Not the gynie kind of stirrups, the horse kind.

Gonna be a wild ride.

I guess what I am saying is, if June doesn't do the Monday Swoon, come on over to Cousin Steve for the hotties. Cousin Steve style. I am not exactly sure what that means, but, I am pretty sure my mom may need to cover her eyes.

Does anybody have jumper cables, a donkey, a fire truck, a defibrillator, roman candles and 50 gallons of motor oil?

No reason, just asking.

FLYNAVY said...

Awwww Jeeze Stevie,
Not the jumper cables, a donkey & motor oil. Reminds me of the show @ Coko Bongo in Tijauana.
Feel sorta dirty now, gonna grab a shower.
How bout tossing in a coupla pics of bewbies for us Navy guys tomorrow. & I'll have to see if I saved any of Rosalita Bongo...she could do amazing things. Amazing things buddy.

Rachel said...

Will a half used pint of antifreeze work Mr. Cousin Steve?