I Swooned So Hard I Think I May Have Pulled Something...

I realize that Monday is half way over and I have yet to get to the Monday Swoon. I apologize-but I have been thinking long and hard about this swoon, especially since Jenny mentioned the eschewing of shampoo in some swoonworthy men.

I understand that-Robert Pattinson does look like he needs to wash his hair from time to time... but sometimes a dirty boy is the best kind to have. A-hem.

And since it is spring, I have been thinking of another kind a swoon. A mechanical swoon actually-oh, now... don't go there. Not what I am talking about. Sheesh. I am talking about the amount of motorcycles I have seen on the roads since the weather broke and I was able to dig out my flip flops and shorts.

So for today's swoon, I thought I would go both ways-bald men and motorcycles. Men with clean scalps and dirty minds and motorcycles with greasy engines and dirty riders.


Enjoy ladies-let the bad girl in you out... you know you want to hop on the back of a bike and just ride off into the sunset.
I don't know who he is... but dayum.

Let's start the bald man swoon off with my favorite bald man shall we? Oh Bruce, you had me at yippee ki yay mother f$%#&^!

Jason Stratham... not 100% bald but we will let him in on today's Swoon for the simple fact that he is Bri-ish and Hot.

And... if you have not seen the movie Crank, well I suggest you go buy yourself a six-pack, order a pizza and rent this flik. It is fast-paced awesome. Before you know it the movie will be over, the beer will be gone and you will have eaten all of a pizza and say to yourself, "What just happened here?" Jason Stratham is what happened... oh yea.

Edward Norton... I know-but just look at him.

I don't know if it is the bald head, the scowl or the prison bars behind him that makes me swoon so much. Admit it-a hot man in prison can be secretly swoony.... shhhhhhh.

I have never been sure if I liked Billy Zane or not. He sometimes freaks me out-and is a little "off" on certain things--but that is one smooth head he has there....

And this photog reminds me that I don't really give a crap if they are weird or "off" because HELLO... it is all about the swoon, not a lifelong commitment. (Six-Pack disclosure)


Ahhh Vin, dear sweet stupid Vin. We know you are stupid, I am sorry to say it... but honey, you are, but you are HOT, so we forgive you. But, sometimes it is hard to forgive a man for being stupid-I mean, what would we TALK ABOUT?

Who gives a crap what we would talk about.... what were we talking about anyway? I mean seriously... I am at a loss for words, and I am not sure I could even read a picture book right now. My brain is mush and I like it... that is right... I LIKE IT!

And to close out this Monday's Swoon, we are going to have these dirty boys growl past us making the road vibrate all the way up our bodies. Yep. Bring it on baby. Rev those engines for the Six-Pack.



Uptown Girl said...

yow za
I can see why it took so long deciding what to post!
I like the motorcyclers... gotta get me one of those.

Alicia said...

Oh, June! I knew you would come through. Thank you!!!

Red said...

Thank you for including Jason Statham in The Swoon!!

Kristina said...

Oh the bikes! Thank you!

TheSeeker said...

Jason Statham is amazingly sexy...wow. I haven't seen Crank, but the bf took me to see Crank 2. It was 2 hours of WTF?! And thank you for Edward Norton...thank the Lord for Edward Norton!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What about Daughtry. I think he is swoon worthy. Didn't he work at Home Depot or someplace before he was on Idol...so he knows his hardware...right? Now that is swoon worthy. hehehe!
Aunt Barbara ;)

the Mom said...

Oh. my. goodness. Is it hot in here? No? It's just me? Wowza, indeed.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time commenting, but you've had me laughing hysterically for the last few months. I'm commenting because yesterday was my 34th birthday and I consider your FABULOUS post to be the best present I received!! Holy Hannah, Edward Norton is a god! And the motorcycles were out in full-force past my house all day Sunday and yesterday...another great b-day gift to myself was to just sit there & enjoy them going by! Thanks for your fantastic blog! I live in Minnesota, but if we were closer, we could wreak havoc together going out...you're so much like my big sister it's scary!
Southern MN Gal

Jenny said...

Dang, who needs shampoo?!

Stacy C. said...

Oh June, thanks for the tears of laughter along with the swoons! I always look forward to Swoon-Mondays!

Happy Birthday to Mary Claire!

We miss you all.

Soliloquy said...

Frankly, June, I'm disappointed.


But I just KNEW this was going to happen. You started all that Hot Yoga stuff and you're losing your edge.

I told you this would happen....

Layna said...

You never disappoint! a few words shower wet mo mo motorcycle vibrating bald bad a*@#s soft as a baby's butt. ok so more than a few words but all good and def swoonworthy. BTW, Aunt Barbara you naughty girl!!!

warren said...

June...you are my favorite! Giving love to the bald man! You get a definite gold star from this feller!

Not to criticize, but Wentworth Miller is enough to...uh..."temporarily make me change teams"...if you know what I mean....you must add him!

Ginger said...

I am loving your blog. You make me smile on days when I really need it. Thank you.
I LOVE your music. Do you have a soundtrack list somewhere? I would love to know artists and titles to most of them.

Keep up the awesome blogging.

Anonymous said...

I'm not naughty and I'm not dead, yet!
Aunt Barbara

Denn Mom said...

June, didn't you used to have your e-mail address on your blog? I don't see it... I just wanted to email you a thank-you for something you wrote on your blog several months ago! DennMom@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I know I am really late with this posting, but I just wanted to comment on the awesome. This is my first time here, but it will not be the last. After all, everyone needs some Swoon on Mondays!

And I just thought I would add that Vin is not really stupid. He's actually an extremely intelligent person. He developed the video game The Chronicles of Riddick, and others. Check it out on Wikipedia. That just makes him hotter to me.

I'll be back!!!

momto5minnies said...

I got my own hot, bald man ;)

momto5minnies said...

I got my own hot, bald man ;)

june "not jealous at all" cleaver said...

Yeah yeah Elaine... we heard you the first time. Rub it in why don't cha?