You Can Tell A Lot By A Picture...

If a picture really does speak a thousand words-this one would have hit us each on the head with a perfect personality description.

Carl Jung would have a field day with my family.

What do you suppose this picture says:


I know what it is saying to ME... what is it saying to YOU?



Anonymous said...

I love how Aaron didn't change his facial pose in either pic I took! :) And he's so cute when he smiles!
:) Love you

Layna said...

BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT! [pretending Ward is taking the picture]

wankette said...

Your picture is saying, "Can't get any cuter!"

Mine is saying, "Close that laptop of yours and get onto MINE."

Ogra said...

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rita said...

Your family is so cute!

That bottom one, it's saying, "I've been a very bad boy."

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pic of June and Ward and the rest of the Cleaver Clan. Won't that be exciting!
So fun to hear Lt Col Ward chime in.
Aunt Barbara

Maria Grace said...

I love how sassy your daughter looks in the pic with her hand on her hip! classic.
Gerard is saying "i'm lonely and bored, come over".

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Cleaver,
Very nice pic of the fam & would bet a month's pay Mr Cleaver has that on his tuffbook desktop about now.
As to what it says, coupla things come to mind. Oldest & middle daughter have inherited their Momma's flair for smartassedry [hand on hip is a dead giveaway] & the lone son needs a coupla more brothers....he has my sincere sympathy. Looks to be stoicly handling it ok though, but fair is fair. [have a coupla xtra if you need to borrow a few, big eaters though.]
Pic #2 tells me he needs to start buying his tees in the xxlong size so his belly is not hanging out. [or that's what I've been told].
Do we get cookies if our answers are spot on?
All kidding aside, happy healthy kiddos you have there Mr & Mrs C. Wish their Dad didn't have to be off in xotic foreign places serving his Country.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Great photo! Your son looks a like like Lt. Col. Ward. I'm sure your son will be smiling the next time he gets to stand with your husband for a photo!

The Wannabe Redhead said...

Love the family picture:)

As for the second picture...I think he's saying "Red, I've been waiting for you All. My. Life."

powdergirl said...

A lovely family!
The little girl on the bottom left?
Is she as happy-go-lucky as she looks?
What a sweetie!

Alis said...

Beautiful family!

Looking at the bottom picture, all I could think of was the smutty novel I read last night followed by an impromptu waking of my hubby for some midnight action! ;o)

Urban Mom said...

Such a great picture. Your son looks like "trying to keep them all in check -- too much for one man to do alone, so get back here soon, dad!"

Looks like a happy bunch. My guess is that their mom has something to do with that!

Anonymous said...

To me, Gerry is saying something that shouldn't be typed out on the internet. Then again it doesn't help that I just finished reading both Twilight and New Moon this weekend and I have bloodsucking, lovestruck Vampires on the brain. Then you go and post pictures of hot guys on here again....it's like torture! LOL! Keep it up please...made my day.
BTW, love the family pic. You are a handsome little group!