T. G. I... WHAT?

What day is it? Friday? Seriously? How in the HELL did that happen? Wasn't it just Monday and I was apologizing for the lack of a Monday Swoon that turned into a early Tuesday Swoon that turned into a Wednesday birthday Swoon which turned into a "I am an apple, hear me roar" swoonish-kinda-maybe-not-thing-a-ma-jig... and now it is Friday?

Holy Crap.

What happened to this week?

What happened to my life?

Just a few weeks ago I was happy in the laziness of my life that offered me time to blog amazing moments of clarity (go with me on this.... ). I was able to clean my house, organize the bills, play with the chillin's, chat on the phone with my father-my mother-my sisters-my long lost friends, I was able to cook (HAHAHAHA), get a pedicure, maybe shop for some bras, and even write one of the most amazing chapters in the history of book writing that you may never know about because now... NOW... I have no time for anything.

Hot Yoga did this to me I tell you-or maybe it was the burst of Spring that brought with it new activities and schedules.


As you know the kids are playing ball-which puts my tiny little hot yoga sitting flesh on a cold hard steel bleachers six days out of the week. That is right... you heard me, SIX DAYS! That is fine though, I don't mind. It would be easier if I knew anything about technology and I could post this blog from my cell phone and tell you about random things I see at the ball parks-which are so humorous that I would get an award or something for mentioning them... but I am too tired by the end of a long day that I forget about all of the colorful people you meet while your rear end is frozen to cold steel.

Have I mentioned hot yoga? Oh yes... I did. You see, I have become addicted-I can't help it. The only set back is that it is a 90 minute class... so that means 90 minutes away from my children to do some soul searching and inward focusing on my own life--which, HELLO!-what mother in their right mind really can do that without feeling completely guilty? Not me... I feel guilty that I am healing my body and starting to look like a FREAKIN' SUPERMODEL in the meantime (okay, there is something completely false about that last sentence... but I am not going to tell you which part-you are smart, you figure it out... meditate on it if you have to.)

I have also been in search of the perfect lawn service for our house... one that is not commercial and can speak mostly English... oh, and one that does not cost an arm and a leg. I just want a couple of people who know how to mow, fertilize, landscape, mulch, toil, weed, germinate, pollinate, edge, and do it with a smile and a "yes ma'am."


The house is also getting painted-I have changed the colors and our painters is such a nice ol' guy that he put all kinds of samples of colors on the side of the house for me to decide which I like better.

I am not good with that kind of thing.

I have to look at it in the sun, in the rain, in the early morning, in the early evening, when the sun is coming up, when the sun is going down, and when I am in a good mood, and when I am in a bad mood... so after a couple weeks of stressing over which shade of BROWN I prefer on the house-I have decided and he will start on Monday-which means I will go over on Monday afternoon and freak out because I'll think I chose the wrong color.

I am cursed.

Not to mention the kids have this whole school thing going on. Ugh-when is it over I ask you? 25 more days and life will be easier right? When they are home 24/7 looking for me to entertain them.... I can't wait! Seriously... I can't wait. Honest. Cross my heart.

Actually, I really can't wait to stop getting up at the crack of dawn and driving them to that building where they learn things and become responsible citizens.

They'll just use that knowledge against me one day-I just know it.

So, today is Friday-which means tomorrow is Saturday and then Sunday and then it is Monday again. Wow! Where did the weekend go? I can only hope that I get a few beers in me sometime between now and the Monday Swoon... or what will be the point really?

And yes, it is 4:30 in the morning on Friday and I am wide awake-hot yoga is making me think too much I think-see, there I go again. It is also making me want to go to bed at 9:30, when I usually don't crawl between the downy fresh sheets until at least 1 a.m. so now I am becoming a early riser instead of a night owl? Wait a minute... that ain't right! I need my night times... for more productive things like watching hulu.com and reading my Entertainment Weekly magazine, which has been sitting on my kitchen table all week with the boys from The Fast and Furious just staring up at me-taunting me.

Freakin' Fridays.



Anonymous said...

TGIF! For me is was a l o n g week, but now it is Friday and tomorow we fly to Denver to visit the kids and grandkids. I just checked weatherbug to see if I should pack my shorts...WHAT! it's snowing, not in April!
I guess I will pack my shorts and my boots.
Great blog June. Hope your weekend doesn't fly by. And I hope our week in Denver doesn't fly by either.
Aunt Barbara

Layna said...

Great post - the weekends are boot camp for the summer and no less challenging. Good luck and i hope you get some Irish Yoga in with your Hot Yoga.

P.S. I'm not sure what's up with that early rising thing but knock it off ;-)

momto5minnies said...

I'll have to look for that HOT YOGA around here.

I can't wait until school lets out either. I'm tired of all the stuff that goes with school.

HEY, I sent you some goodies ... check your mail in the next few days.

warren said...

Doesn't 6 days of bleachers make your top-of-the-apple-tree butt sort of ache like being run through the applesauce machine?

Anyhow, I got the "wtf happened to my week" thing going on too. I think it's the nice weather we are finally getting!

Anyhow, keep up the yoga...as a disinterested, but male reader, I can guarantee that Ward will def appreciate the...um...twists and turns of his main squeeze!

Anonymous said...

Miss Cleaver,
Yeah, this week did seem to fly by, have heard that alot. Probably all that sugar from raiding the kid's Easter baskets.
& there is only 1 real good reason to wake up @ o dark thirty, while the kids are still asleep, but really only works well if your sweety is close by. Then, get a swim in while breakfast is prepared. Grab a shower, eat a lovingly prepared breakfast [assuming my performance was satisfactory] together in the peace & quiet, watch the sunrise together over coffee, kiss the sweetly sleeping children goodby, then head to base with a big smile on my face.
Curious, is the girl to the right a friend of yours? & btw, Jennifer Aniston said to say hello. She's still single, poor thing.

Maria Grace said...

speaking of baseball... baseball players would make a FAB monday swoon! (if its been done i apologize- i'm still a newbie)

happy friday! I'll drink a few beers for you tonight just in case don't get to- bc thats the kinda girl i am.

june cleaver said...

Elaine-I'll be watching the mail! Now I am all excited...

Buzzy-glad to see you got Jennifer's private number that I sent you... I don't even want to mention what I had to promise to get it. Oh-and that girl to the right... I don't know her-I am her!(figuratively speaking of course)

Anonymous said...

Picking a brown for your house color? Just make sure it looks more like dirt or CHOCOLATE, and not poo.
That's helpful, right?

Anonymous said...

You have the best six-packers a gal could ask for!
Aunt Barbara

june cleaver said...

Aunt Barb-have a wonderful trip! Enjoy the babies and kiss my cousins.

love you

Melissa said...

OK, who the heck is this hottie Chris Pine? If anyone knows a hottie, it's you! We just watched Bottleshock and he strutted his fine self in tight hippie butt hugging jeans! Could use a haricut in this movie but it's something to hang on to! I saw his pictures in a preview for Star Trek. Dang, is this boy cute! Please post some pictures for all of us sixpackers!

Anonymous said...

Not having a good day. My husband is in Afghanistan, so I understand how you feel. He will be missing a high school graduation, an eighth grade graduation, and all the summer b-ball games. He already missed wrestling season and many "parents of seniors" activities. Not to mention the baby crawling and now walking.

Your blog is like my alone time with someone who understands, and you make me laugh. Love the music too. I missed mass today because the 2 little ones are sick and the "bee girl" song is just what I needed to hear! God Bless!

Soliloquy said...

Hot Yoga = Hot WIFE.

When does that man of yours get home for good? And have you prepared him for what he is coming home to?

So...... which do you choose, btw? Hot bod? Or hot blog?

You can't have it both ways, biyotch.