Sigh... Is It Monday Already?

Phew! What a weekend! My little sister and her hubby came out for the weekend. They flew their plane-yes, their plane. Their little baby Ainsley says "Fly with Daddeeeee." Be jealous if you want-it is easy to be jealous of their precious trio-a trio that is becoming a quartet in Sept. Claire thinks it may be a little boy. If that is the case she has always liked the name "Daniel" but she is stuck on a middle name. I suggested "Craig" for obvious reasons.

Just because it is Monday and I love the Tudors. It may not be historically accurate... but who really gives a crap.

Just because it is Monday and I drank a little too much on Saturday and felt a little groggy all day Sunday and wanted to just take a nap on the couch...

Just because it is Monday and he is hot... and I ate so much food with my sister that I may or may not have gained 5 lbs. in three days flat. It is a new personal record.

Just because it is Monday and my oldest received her Confirmation this weekend. Uncle Ryan was her sponsor and he has a keen ability to make little eighth grade girls giggle and little eighth grade boys squirm. Anyway... I heart Father Jon, but not in a "Thornbirds" sort of way.

Just because it is Monday and the weather was warm and the parks were packed with shirtless men playing ultimate Frisbee, sand volleyball and baseball. Who ever thought of the phrase "Shirts or Skins" was one smart woman.

Just because it is Monday and I love baseball.

Just because it is Monday and I miss football.

Just because it is Monday and we went to listen to a friend's band play on Saturday night and the lead singer looks a lot like Daughtry. Nice. Red stood me up-thanks a lot Red!

Just because it is Monday and at one point in the evening on Saturday my brother-in-law said "Is that Harry Connick Jr?" and all of the women at the table got whiplash turning our heads around to see what he was talking about.... he was talking about the song that was playing-but he could have been talking about the actual HCJ. We weren't taking our chances.
Just because it is Monday and there is something about a dirty bald man that makes me forget that it is Monday. Sigh.

Just because it is Monday and I think Eminem's new song is just about the funniest thing out there right now. I would link to it-but I am having a hard time doing that because of Father Jon up there...

Just because it is Monday and every Six-Pack needs a mascot. Oh yeah. You all know I am an Air Force wife... but sometimes you have to give props to the boys who fly in the Navy.

Enjoy the week ladies... I feel a give away coming on for next week's Swoon. What it can be is a secret-because I haven't figured that part out yet. It is Monday after all.


(Keri) Auburn Gal Always said...

I was about to cry if you were in the same restaurant as my HCJ. I mean, really cry. My eyes are stinging a little now still. You shouldn't tease a girl like that.

Wait, The Mighty Hunter is here today. Tease away. I can take it!


Sara said...

Monday always sucks until I check out your swoon. Thanks for brightening up the dreary day :)

Layna said...

YEAHHH fab swoon June! That dirty bald man needs to be cleaned and i have just the sponge for the job! Congratulations on the first Confirmation!!! Milestone for her and Mom & Dad - way to go! Hope your whiplash is better. had a little myself from pretending to be 20 again and workin' the hairflip. your's is a better reason :-) Happy Monday!

warren said...

Bless you for remembering the bald man...

Melissa said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that you have a swoon worthy priest?
Thanks for Monday thrill!

The Wannabe Redhead said...

OH NO!! Don't be mad, I swear...I have a good excuse. I should've called, I know. Anyway, I'm emailing you right now to explain. I feel horrible! I swear I'll make it up to you!!

Anonymous said...

Aftn Miss Cleaver,
Haha, any suggestions of how I add this to my Circulum Vitae'/ Resume'? Re: AF Zoomies & wives, nice guys & gals out of Bagram, they slept in the same freezing B-Huts we did & never complained, Col. Kwast [AF] is 1 of the most honorable men I've ever met. They do an awesome job on Close Air Support & share their weight room with Navy, unlike some branches [Army]. Thanks for the chuckle today, came to check on Stevie [how's he doing btw?]. Nice to have something in common now with Bill the Goat [USNA Mascot] haha. Just don't mention this to anyone on Air Wing 8, or anyone @ NAVAIR....ok?...ok? Remind me to stay on your good side. The pen IS mightier than the sword.
Buzzy [sorry you wasted an hr. was kidding, it was Nov.]

Paula said...


powdergirl said...

Hi June, Nice monday morning line-up!
Thanks for the non-partisan posting of the Navy man. I felt my knees go weak, and a little catch in my breath, wow!
I think he's just standing there waiting for me to offer him a nice rub-down after a long hard work-out....

Anonymous said...

Yeah! thanks for the swoon June.

Maria Grace said...

so swoony... my monday is better now!

june "the swoon" cleaver said...

I aim to please ladies... I aim to please.

Buzzy-after reading your comment I thought "I wonder how many civilians are going to read this and say wtf?" Good thing I understood every word. HA!

Layna-I have whiplash for the HCJ "sighting" and the fact that I danced my little rump off like a rock star and I am still saying "how does every muscle in my body ache?" after it all.

It sucks to get old.

Lisa said...

My goodness. That last picture. Is it hot in here?

Anonymous said...

"it sucks to get old."
My dear, you don't know the half of it...and I'm not telling.
Aunt Barbara

Layna said...

way to go Junie! if it hurts the next day, then you are doin' it right! Aunt Barbara, o' wise one, you gotta share the secrets!!! or are we safer not knowing? i'm all about safety :-) ignorance is bliss.

blogbrarian said...

Happy Monday, June. Thanks for the hot pics.

nitebyrd said...

You do make Monday's a wee bit brighter.

FYI - I got to see Nickelback (Seether and Saving Abel) on Saturday. I drooled, swooned and rocked my butt off! Thank the Gods, for cheap lawn seats!

Anonymous said...

Miss Cleaver,
Sorry for the Navy/AFspeak. Glad I didn't mention all the romantic midnight rendezvous over the Hindu Kush Mountains with Mr Cleaver's buddies so they could "pass gas" over my windscreen. May God bless every1 of them for being where they were sposed to be.
& just for the record, the temp of the last image was 103F, screaming all night pukes, fence line @ Camp Victory [don't eat the goat kabobs by the roadside]. Not very macho huh.
& how's Steve's tests going? & give Mr Cleaver AF Navigator guy a smooch when u see him from all us lonely drivers. [that didn't sound right did it?]

momto5minnies said...

Congratulations on your daughter's confirmation. My oldest made hers yesterday. So hard to believe that I could have a child that old (she'll be 14 in late Sept.).

Oh Harry ... he does have some nice lips to go with that voice.

june cleaver said...

Buzz... Steve is playing the "lets wait and see if this med works or not" game. It is tough for him, but I have contacted all of the drug dealers in the Chicago area that I know (most of my high school class) and I have some serious stuff on stand by when he needs it.

I am kidding....

I am a kidder..

But we are waiting-and making fun of him for hobbling arouond like a 98 year old.

good times.

the Mom said...

Around her, we call Fr Jon "Father What-a-waste". Hot priests make it difficult to pay attention at times, but God bless 'em anyway!