Hippo Birdie Red!

What? Did I hear what I think I heard? It is Red's birthday? Ya don't say....
I told Gerry here and he wants to give you a big ol' kiss

Happy Birthday Red!


I say we head out to the airport and hang out at the security checkpoints... who knew that air travel could be so entertaining!--or you can meet me next week when my friend's band is playing at the Glacier... I'll buy you a drink! Let's make everyone who doesn't live in Omahaheho jealous that they aren't here... especially Mr. Butler.
All are invited of course... but I am only buying Red's drinks.


wankette said...

Why don't you just throw in the towel (his towel, your towel, my towel) and rename this blog The RobandGerry Place?

Darling, wait til you see what tomorrow's dose of hubba is.

And yes: I've MOVED. More later.

Alicia said...

My birthday isn't for another 8 months. And I don't live in Omahahihohe or whatever that place is. But can I cash in on my birthday drinks now? Or at least my birthday swoon?

Krystle | Snarky Kisses said...

Oh my hell, he can come see me annnnnnnnytime. And his voice and singing on P.S. I love you? ....yeah. *drool*

The Wannabe Redhead said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!! thank you!!

Done and Done. (Buying me a drink?? You sure know the way to this girl's heart!)

After our party at the Glacier next week, EVERYONE will want to pack their bags & move to the Big O!!!

Layna said...

Rats! I was just in the big O last weekend! Have one for me! Cheers ladies - find some cute boys and leave 'em in awe!