So This Is How Crazy People Live...

4:30 AM and I am up. Wide awake and exhausted. How does this happen? How is it possible that so many thoughts can be floating through my little brain at such a rate that they not only make me wake up every 40 minutes or so, but also makes me wake up before the sunrises, fully alert and ready to go find a baseball bat and clobber the Sandman?


I can't be PMSing because I am about to ovulate... so I am unable to even blame my mood on mother nature.

Is is because of Spring? I don't think so, I love being able to strip off the sweatshirts and wear a tank top and feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders. It makes me smile-it brings me happiness... so surely my mood is not that cause of Spring. I mean, I don't even have allergies so I can enjoy the bursting of flowers to the fullest... just not at 4:30 in the morning.

Last night I tried to wear myself out a bit... and what do I do when I am feeling down? I dance. That is right... I dance.

I plugged my iPod into my ears and jumped around like a teenager on American Bandstand. My children stared at me, laughed at me, and eventually joined in... but eventually I retreated to my bedroom, closed the door and continued to dance.

I am such a goof. What kind of woman dances alone on a Monday night?

One that has so many thoughts rolling around in her head that she can't help herself I suppose.

Wanna know my song list last night? It was a doozy-considering that I am a Rock Star (Chad Kroeger told me I was and I believe him) I tried to dance to some Theory of a Deadman (Bad Girlfriend is just about the best song out there right now... but don't listen to it if you went to confession in the last year-you'll have to go again) but it was just not working for me, so I switched to Club Music... Pop songs even. I know-I am just as shocked as you, but when my mother and father came together in the name of love and made me, I received all of my mother's dancing abilities and I can tear up the dance floor like nobody's business. I love to dance-my sisters love to dance too... we love to dance together, which reminds me that my little sister and her hubby are coming out this weekend and we are going out on Saturday night and DANCING! Well... I will be dancing-moving and shaking-twisting and twirling... I am not sure if Claire will dance seeing as she is pregnant and I seriously doubt her husband will dance considering he is, well... not a dancer.

Anyway-my mind erasing song list was as follows:

  • Round the Bend by The Great Divide (yes, it is even country-but I love it so much that I play it over and over and over again in my ears. I just don't know why.)

  • When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls. (how embarrassing... especially when they say that wanted boobies.)

  • Let's Get it Started by the Black Eyed Peas (just try and not move when you hear this song. I dare ya.)

  • Leavin' by Jesse McCartney (I like how he calls her "baby girl" although I don't know what a "lady raid?" is or what in the world "flyin' on the G5" means.)

  • Beautiful by Akon (when I hear this song I pull up only one of my pant legs and giggle when he says "can I be your baby father" and whoever thought of calling a woman a "shorty" is a genius.)

  • Keeps Gettin' Better by Christina Aguilera (it is my theme song... love when she says "serve it up in a shot and suck it up like a man. Damn straight.)

  • Just Dance by Laddy GaGa. I know-I couldn't help myself.

I closed out the set with Seether's "Fake It" just to reassure you all that I am still a Rock star-nothing like a little headbanging to get all of that Pop funk off of me.

Even now, as I am sitting here with my iPod in my ears I have the urge to get up-move a little-escape this mood.

What do you do to escape a mood? Have any homeopathic remedies I can try? Acupuncture? Shopping? Give me your therapy for blowing the stink off of yourself... I can use all the help I can get because I am getting tired of knowing what 4:30 AM looks like.


Kristina said...

I read, and read, and read. It's mostly smut. And I enjoy it. And, sometimes, it gets me out of my mood, because I only read funny smut. Love that picture, by the way.

blue_eyed_mom said...

ok, great debate in our household if the PCD say, i want boobies or i want groupies. idk! my mother in law and husband wake up like this all the time. i am the oppisite can't fall asleep if something is on my mind but whats im out im out. she trys to write whats on her mind down, specifcally whats on your mind then throwing the piece of paper away. or look at the clock, tell yourself, im not walking up till six am. try it..suppose to work. gl!

Anonymous said...

Simple...you're getting old. :)
Love ya - Claire

warren said...

Claire might have a point June...I mean, what is American Bandstand anyhow?

Ahh...but with age comes perfection , right? Either that or mold. Anyhow, I don't see you being moldy so it must be perfection.

I am funky too and am also up before the sun lately...it sucks. I don't have an answer yet. I find some solace in two things though...I go to Wal Mart early (or late) and that always makes me feel better about my circumstances. I also get on facebook and make ridiculous comments to everyone I know. Holler if you try either...I am writing a book on facebook therapy!

Anonymous said...

Miss Cleaver,
Deployments suck for the 1 holding down the homefront & for that I'm sorry. U guys holding down the fort & chillins have the ruffest duty & never get the thanks you deserve. So thanks from us sailors.
There definately are specific things you can do to help you sleep better & as I've told you there is only 1 good reason to be up @ o dark thirty.....nother reason why deployments suck.
Wish I had some better advice of what worked with us but unfortunately it's something you have to get thru on your own till the better days ahead.
& finally thank you for "your" service to this Country.
[a huge steak & a glass of wine before bedtime always helps me sleep whether I'm home or deployed....yeah Navy guys get steak once in awhile....wine not so much.]

Christine said...

Everybody is wired different. Some need chocolate...and my brain likes me again. Others it is exercise and they run for miles and miles.

Most of the time when our minds are going nutz-o I always think it is best to do something for somebody else. Write a letter. Call someone. Blog a ton of nice comments on other blogs. Making others feel better tends to make that crazymind go away.

Cathy said...

So, when I started having trouble sleeping, I spoke to my doctor, who told me it was a rather common symptom of perimenopause. He prescribed an estrogen patch, just for the days I had trouble sleeping. It worked like a charm. No more sleep problem. It had one side effect: a 10 lb. 2 oz baby boy with a full head of hair. I guess the estrogen boosted my waning fertility. I'll take the insomnia now, please.

rita said...

Oh, Cathy, perimenopause is a bitch without getting pregnant! Lucky you.

I've had problems sleeping for at least 18 years. Going to sleep/waking up too often/waking too early. Ambien makes me think I'm asleep, or at least I don't know I was awake till the next day when I find an empty wine glass and 50 pages of a book that I don't remember reading...... My cousin was an Ambien ice-cream eater. At least I don't drive.

I don't think so, anyway.

june cleaver said...

Oh Lord... so now I am going to start having hot flashes. You all are a bundle of happy news.


Just another thing to keep my brain working tonight-I am nearing the age that my brain will stop working all together.

june cleaver said...

Hey Buzzy... your myspace? Holy S***!


pitter patter pitter patter.

Ladies... we have a swoon in the comments.

Good lord where is my drool towel-just wait until Rita and UMom see this... not to mention Maria Grace and Red... and when Wankette gets a hold of this-all hell is going to break lose.

Melissa said...

Hello? Where has flynavy been all this time? Can we get some more pictures of him? I am partial to the Air Force but the navy is looking pretty good. Love a man in a flight suit! Remember the light blue Italian flight suits? I'm blushing!

june cleaver said...

Melissa... not only do I remember those blue Italian flight suits... but I remember the Italians that were wearing them.


Urban Mom said...

FlyNavy... I have only to say that... well... helloooooo therrrrrre. And you COOK? You COOK? Oh Dear God, a hot man who serves his country AND LIKES to cook? You're putting me over the edge here. Excuse me for a few minutes. U-Dad is about to get surprised by some unanticipated attention.

Oh, and June? Thanks for the tunes. I needed some new ideas for my workout stuff for the iPod.

Now where is U-Dad???

Mau said...

Deep breaths, lavender, and praying. I get panic attacks in the middle of the night and that is what helps me calm down and get back to sleep.

rita said...

I want to swoon, I really really do, but this damn school server won't let me access Buzzy's url. That means he must be EXTRA hot.

And yeah. Any time after 38, hot flashes become common. But I was 52 before I was FINALLY considered to be in menopause. Perimenopause is a real bitch.

Watch out if you go on hormone therapy, as Cathy said. I felt better but had another period, so I got off that stuff FAST.

Urban Mom said...

Wait a minute, June. You're a bit *younger* than me. What's this perimenopause stuff? I say just deny it until it goes away. Yep, that's how I cope.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading back to FlyNavy's blog...


Stupid Fat Hobbit said...

Well, I saw most of the things that I do or recommend to get to sleep. Wine always helps (just a glass or two), prayer always helps (once in bed I start a rosary and never remember getting past the 3rd decade), of course orgasm helps you sleep much better but I don't know your options on this one...