The Morning After Ramblings....

Carl headed out this morning. I honestly (foolishly) anticipated it being easier this time since we no longer have a year ahead of us, but a mere 7 months. That is chump change right?

Apparently not.

You see, the past two weeks were NORMAL... meaning, it felt like he had never left and it felt like he was never leaving again. So this morning when he had to leave, it sucked. Yep. Big time.

We were able to go to the gate at the airport with Carl and wait for his plane. FYI, if you are taking a military member to the airport before deployment, you are allowed to escort them to the gate so that you can spend ever last minute with them. We waited until everyone boarded before saying good-bye because I didn't want to feel like we were in an episode of Extreme Home Makeover but there would be no new house in the end... it would be just like the beginning reel that Ty Pennington shows the interior designers on the RV and everyone at home cries. I didn't want to make other people cry-so that is why we waited.


Last night we watched the Inaugural Ball coverage. I must say that my favorite moment was at the Commander-in-Chief Ball when President Obama was talking to the soldier via satellite in Iraq. They chose all Chicago area residents and jokingly Obama (a flagrant White Sox fan) asked each of them who they were fans of, the White Sucks or The Cubbies... all but one were Cubs fans.

It was a proud moment for me.


I feel like I have a hang over that only a blue comicazi could give me. Mmmmm, those are really good.


This one is for The Urban Mom from Chi-town (she is a cubs fan too), who has begrudgingly read Twilight and then protested a little bit too much about liking it.

Hey UMom... Edward Cullen is staring at you.



And Wankette , this one is for you... just because I know you like this sort of thing.


And this one is for my mother. You are welcome.


One last thing... Welcome to Fox News Glenn. It's about damn time.



Urban Mom said...

Are you suggesting "the lady doth protest too much?" (ssshhhh... but you're right!)

Stop staring at me, Edward. Well, ok, if you must. I'd hate to break an old man's heart.

And where did you find that picture? I thought I'd found them all.


All of the Urban Family's best to yours for the rest of Carl's deployment.

And now that Glen is on Fox, I will likely see a lot more of him now!

june cleaver said...

I got that pic from my little sister-she is a serious stalker and can get just about any photo of a celebrity that no one else can find. I am in awe of her talents.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


Your typically excelent grammar and typing skills got away from you on this post. You mis-spelled White Sox and I believe Cubs usually has an "f" and an "l" at the front and the "c" is silent. But hey, anyone can have a bad century.

Best of luck to you and your family. I cannot imagine what this morning was like. I've been gone for two weeks with a brief, 30 hour stop at home inbetween and the two Littlest Fireflies cried for about 45 minutes when I said goodbye again. And they know they'll see me this Friday.

Go Sox!

Anonymous said...

hey I didn't send you that picture of Edward...I mean Robert! Don't blame your obsession on me!

june cleaver said...

Yes Claire... it was you. You sent me to the site that had all of these pics from other people... you sent me to his myspace fan page. It was you you you! Don't try and look normal-you Edward loving freak!

TRO said...

Wow, he's old enough to grow a beard. Color me surprised.

june cleaver said...

Rufus... don't test me, first I have some "UGHHH" person hating on a close and personal friend (President Bush) and now I have you being a cheerleader for Obama's team.

Will this day ever end?

Calgon take me away!

june cleaver said...

TRO... oh yeah he has a beard. Good Lord just look at him? He has great hands don't you think?

Swoon Swoon Swoon.

TRO said...

Sorry, I'm not into a man's hands so I will have to trust you on that. I do have a brunette neighbor who has the most beautiful hands I have ever seen though. Fortunately the rest of her is pretty hot, too.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Obama is a Sox fan about as much as Hillary is a Yankee's fan. He co-opted the magnificent, storied legacy of the White Sox for political gain, nothing more. He started sporting a Sox hate when he moved to the Southside with the same non-conviction he joined Wright's church. Both just political plays to garner votes. My team is not Obama's team.

Were you really at the Bush's ranch?! Our Christmas photo from this year was us on the grounds of the White House, but even me, Rufus T. Firefly, didn't garner a personal photo op with the President. Who are you, June Cleaver?

...and is Laura as great in person as she comes across on TV and photos? She is one of those people that exudes mangificence and grace, at least through a lens. Is she the real deal?

june cleaver said...

you know what they say Rufus... I could tell you, but then...

Wankette said...

Oh, sure. Your mom gets the liberal hottie, and that other chick gets my Robbie, and you give me THAT ONE?
How did I offend thee?

Urban Mom said...

Mmmmm, he does have nice hands. Nice BIG hands. Mmmmmm.....

june cleaver said...

I know... big strong hands. That pictures drives me crazy. Those hands, that smile, those eyes. It is almost too much.

Wank-I just wanted to add to your crank... or maybe give you a chuckle.

june cleaver said...

and did I mention the hair? Ugh-to run my fingers through that head of hair. I have always wanted my husband to have hair... but alas, he is a clean cut kind of guy, which is fine, but just once I would like him to have a head of hair like that. JUST ONCE!

Phew... is it hot in here?

col said...

I Laughed as I scrolled down and saw the swoonworthy hunk "for your mom". That is the only movie I have ever sat through twice at the theater. I will always remember the audible sigh that escaped your sister's lips at that shot--and then scooting down in the seats and cracking up in embarrassment!

Sorry your goodbye had to come so soon. Keeping y'all in my thoughts. By the time he gets home, you could be a best-selling author and he can retire and live off your royalties. So start neglecting dirty laundry and those kids and get to work-hopefully time will fly by.

Cousin Steve said...

So if Carl left today.... will he get there before he has to come back home? As far as I can figure, he should get there by May 10th and have to get on a plane to come home on the 12th.

And as Eddie goes...... he doesn't have big hands.... he has an extremely small head and body.

And troll hair. You know those little naked trolls with the colored hair that stood up. You could make them look like Don King.

I could be wrong, but, I think he's popping a zit on his cheek.

Just kidding.

Sorry Carl is gone already. That went quick. Shoot, "I" can't wait for him to get back home for good! I felt it though. It was some time this morning, I felt the country get stupider. I knew Carl had left the country. Damn. At least all your bulbs are fixed!

You know, that is a helluva picture of you on the side dere, over by dere. I copied it and I carry it around in my wallet and tell people it's a picture of my "oldest" in college. They say, "she's pretty". I say' "I know she looks like my friend Roy".

I don't get it either.......

june cleaver said...

Cousin Steve... I will kick your butt for those troll comments about my Edward-and I know I will win simply because you won't hit me back. Your mother taught you right.

Also-Carl wants Mike to email him over there with any and all questions. He wanted to call but our moments ran out-he said he will call him when he is "downrange" whatever that means. I thought he was talking about farting, but apparently not.

I'll send you the email (actually, it is on the bottom of our Christmas letter, and I know you frame my letter every year so you probably still have it)

One last thing... it seems we have passed another "Hump Day with Cousin Steve" with nothing to show for it.

We just want your humor man, is that too much to ask for?

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Thank you for being brave and holding down the fort while your husband is gone. I can't imagine. But know that your internet friends are here...reading your blog and sending their love!!!

Kristina said...

Ah, well, the second time is always harder. I'm sorry. But, you do have beautiful men to look at online. ;) Stay beautiful.

Denn Mom said...

THank you for posting my favorite-ever Cubs-Sox picture. I miss Michael Barrett for that reason alone...

Anonymous said...

I just love the June-Cousin Steve banter. Keep it up yous guys.
Aunt Barbara
ps We had our first birthday outing without brother Chuck.
We were pleased when our server introduced himself at "Charlie"
Way cool!

june cleaver said...

Aunt Barb-that is awesome! Love is all around us~


David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 01/22/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Rebecca said...

When my husband left after R&R I gave myself a day to sit around and be sad. The next day was easier for me than the second day after he first deployed. I hope it gets easier for you & the rest of the deployment goes by quickly, our second half seemed to.

Urban Mom said...

That isn't troll hair! That's "wow, can you believe all the freaky stuff we did last night? i love you more than ever!" hair. And smile. (evil giggle)

june cleaver said...

UMom... you may be the best cyber friend I have ever had. Honestly, and that is saying a lot seeing as I don't talk to many people in the cyber world.

I will be in Chi-town soon, Cousin Steve and I would love to buy you a drink. He will take back the troll comment I promise.

"wow, can you believe all the freaky stuff we did last night? i love you more than ever!"

I miss my husband. sigh.

Urban Mom said...

awwww shucks, i'm flattered and honored and totally there!

drop me an e-mail and let me know your plans.


June's MA said...

Thanks for the pic June. Is the Col who comments the Col I think it is? If so it was her Italian Mom who agreed to watch The Natural twice.
Your Da never wants to watch a movie (chick flick) over again. But we watch the Gladiator and all the Bourne movies and The English Patient over and over.
Go figure!
June's MA

june cleaver said...

Ma, yes... that is the Col that you are thinking about, and yes, that was her Italian mother that loved the movie as much as you... you two were funny. So crazy over men. Weirdo.

how embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aunt Barb, you two (Cousin Steve and June) are great (helluva talkers) must come from the Irish side. Ya think??
Yes that made our evening complete when the server was Charles. Made my birthday complete. My song is "I Be Loving you, Always"
dare I threw that in.
Aunt Judi