Is This Thing On? Hello?

My Aunt Judi (with an "i") sent me this today. Carl thought it was the funniest thing he had ever read... he has been nodding his head and laughing all day.

It is enough to make me want to clobber him let me tell you.

I did not think it was very funny... or rather, I thought it was hilarious until Carl found it so funny and then I found it offensive.

Who does he think he is, and just when did he develop a sense of humor? In all of our 18 years he has never laughed at one of my jokes... but today, a simple comic strip makes him laugh.

I am literally disgusted.


sorry it is so fuzzy... no mother, you do not need your eyes checked (but you should show this to dad and see how mad he gets at the doctor that performed his "I CAN SEE!" surgery.) Aunt Judi should be able to read this now since she got the fuzzies removed from her eyes.
Happy Birthday Aunt Judi! Love you!


Wankette said...

Brilliant. I'll have to figure out a way to send it to my mom.

La Ella said...

I'm disgusted, too. It's not her fault that her husband didn't go with her to the store as he should have. It's the "he should have" that prevails in the argument, not the facts of the case. Just because he didn't go "this" time, doesn't mean she doesn't have a lot to complain about. Men just don't understand.

I'm sure she'll forgive him if he apologizes. Women are kind that way. And it's too bad your husband has such a warped sense of humor.

june cleaver said...

La Ella, I truly believe that sarcasm is one of the greatest gifts from God and you are blessed my friend... BLESSED!

So funny~


Wankette said...

Help June! the boys are all out at the bar and threedonia is down! (or...did they leave the site without telling me,...) How could they do that??

june cleaver said...

Wankette, they shut me out weeks ago! I had to file a complaint in duplicate and then stand in front of Floyd and say that he is smarter than Rufus before I was let back in. I won't even tell you what Tzrupr wanted me to say...

Good luck--but in the meantime, lets go shopping. We'll use the Threedonia credit card (but it is only approved to buy things like senate seats and Obama's old car.)


Jud said...

The old man in Pickles is my hero.

Floyd R. Turbo said...

Now if I can figure out to get from the store to my house and then Gaslight my wife into thinking I was never there to begin with. That would be awesome.. I mean wrong -- so wrong.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

totally abandoning laundry. But I don't get the joke. Am I this dumb? A comic has me confused...

june cleaver said...

Mrs... It is in reference to a previous post, where my husband left me stranded at the commissary because he is a man and they have their own agenda.

It's just jokes baby... just jokes.


Alicia said...

Now that is just freakin' hilarious!!!!

Wankette said...

DSW is having a big sale, so I'll be picking you up in thirty minutes. The good news is, the Threedonians just got upped to "platinum" on their credit card.
and p.s.,
You should see what Rufus made me wear just to apply for bloggership.
I burned it after.

Anonymous said...

I get my daily laugh rom "Pickles" in The Times.
So fun of Judi to share it with you.
Oh, and Aunt Judi taught me how to make those fleese knotted blankets. I finished my third one last night. What a great sister.
Have a great day!
Aunt Barbara